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What is life like for 21st century teenage boys and young men? If gender roles are changing, is the change being led by young people? Are we seeing glimpses of the men (and women) of the future, via the teenagers of today?

Are you a teenage boy or a young man? What issues are most important to you growing up? How is your life affected by technology, rules, music, sex, religion, bullying?

Are you a parent of a teenage boy or do you work with young people? How do you negotiate the pressures of the modern world in bringing up/supporting teenage boys/young men? What do you worry about /look forward to about their futures?

Please email your article as a Word document to Quiet Riot Girl (aka Elly) by May 12th. Submissions may be between 250-1000 words. Please be sure to include your name and email address on your document.

If you have an idea and want to chat about it contact QRG/Elly (who is also on Twitter: @Notorious_QRG