In Defence Of… Johann Hari

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Blogging, homosexuality, Identity, Porn
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I never thought I’d be saying this, but I want to defend Johann Hari today. Not for his confessed plagiarism, or for the fact he is terrible at writing. His prose gives me what I can only describe as abjection, which I suppose is a sort of achievement. Not for his politics, especially his gayism, which I have criticised for example at Graunwatch.

No, I want to defend Hari based on the way he has been described by a detractor as a suspected pornographer. Suspected pornographer? It sounds like ‘suspected murderer’ put like that. For all his crimes against ethics, morals and well crafted sentences, Hari’s dabblings in written porn are to me his one saving grace!

I write pornography. I watch pornography. I think porn is a healthy aspect of our sexual culture, or at least a widespread ‘normal’ one. To try and link porn to Hari’s supposed ‘bad character’ which as far as I am concerned is nothing more than bad, very bad, journalism, seems like a cheap shot to me.

The person  ( @nero on twitter) who did this assured me he is ‘gay’ and so therefore I presume qualified to shame his brothers for their sexual proclivities?

I dislike the behaviour of Johann The Librarian* as much as anyone and I am glad I won’t be forced to read his drivel in the national press anymore. But I won’t stand by idle while he is ‘brought down’ as a ‘pervert’ and suspected pornographer, when those are things I hold dear.

So there.


  1. Heresiarch says:

    This sort of thing happens all the time. Last weekend I was at a “skeptics” event in Conway Hall pooh-poohing psychics, ghost-believers and so on. Magician Paul Zenon gave a very funny talk about fake mediums and how they fake it, taking pot-shots at Sally Morgan, Derek Acorah and so on. Easy targets. He was very scathing about Colin Fry, whom he ridiculed, not just for being a rubbish medium, but for running a gay fetish website called Crackstuffers. Oh how the audience laughed – me included, I’m ashamed to say. But it was a low blow.

  2. You’re right, Heresiarch. Even Stephen Fry and Sandy Toksvig – smart, witty, educated, and gay both – aren’t above frequent jokes about gay sexual habits. It’s seems we’re still not culturally above snickering behind the bikesheds at “bumming” jokes. Gay sex is still oh-so-hilarious, even for those who should most find otherwise…

    • it’s not even ‘gay sex’ it’s sex that isn’t married missionary position sex. Or rather it is, to a degree, homosexuality in its raw, *sexual* form, but it is more general the ‘anti-sex’ jibe I think.

      and in that blogpost it was reference to ‘incest’ (as a fantasy) and ‘rent boys’ that seemed to hit the prudery buttons.

      I know a great writer whose main theme is ‘incest’ and he’s published and respected!

  3. Looks like I am also in agreement with Tanya Gold on this who commented under @nero ‘s post:

    ‘What a nasty piece of writing, Mr Yiannopoulos. Most people know the difference between pornography and life. And you seem to be implying Johann has done something illegal. Do you have any evidence for this at all?’

  4. John Ward says:

    You have to laugh. Well I do, anyway: nice little irony here in that the only level at which one can find a saving grace for The Hariarist is….he’s into porn but not doing anything illegal.
    I believe Fred Goodwin only pulls the legs off frogs when he’s had a bad day and why not – it’s not illegal?
    It’s not my fault – I’m Hariphobic. I’m ill, I need treatment.
    Nice piece, by the way.

  5. […] witted readers will remember that I have criticised Nero in the past, for his slag-off of Johann Hari‘s adventures as a porn writer. 50 Shades of Gay might not have been the bonkbuster of the […]

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