I used to be a feminist, but I’m feeling better now.

My work (both fiction and non-fiction – see my ‘Books By Quiet Riot Girl’ Page) is broadly about gender, sex and politics.  I value independence of thought, and tend to be wary of dogma in all its forms. I’m not a fan of ‘identity politics’. Some call me a ‘troll’, but that seems rather unfair.


Any opinions or suggestions I give here are purely personal. I am not an expert or a professional sex advisor. But I do know some people who are. So if ever you have a query about anything to do with sex and relationships, including kink and non-kink ones, send me an email: quietriotgirltwitter@gmail.com and I will put you in touch with somebody qualified to help you.

What people are saying about the work of QRG:

Betty52: ‘Malevolent Erotica’

Violet Blue: ‘Compelling writing’

anwen: ‘This is no kind of behaviour for a lady’

Some random blokes: ‘Very hot’. ‘I want to fuck you’ etc etc

Anonymous feminist: ‘congratulations, QRG- you won an honorary penis!’

Anonymous journalist: ‘You have very strange views for a woman’

Another anonymous feminist: ‘You’re an arrogant arsehole’

  1. KJB says:

    Hello there – I have been browsing your blog, and though we disagree on a lot, your blog’s pretty interesting.

  2. Tina (bigeatsquares) says:

    I like that two of your categories are “Morrissey” and “Rihanna”. In my head they’re the only two artists in your CD collection! 😛

    • haha well I could do worse than have those two!

      Brings back some memories of my Rihanna obsession last year.

      😀 I don’t know if you caught that one I might have to re-enact it.

  3. Grace says:

    Your views are interesting and provocative and intelligent.
    I will be following you 🙂

  4. dennis mccann says:

    more power to you, you kick against the pricks

  5. Saige Morada says:

    I don’t agree with your stance on feminism, but at least you argue your points intelligently. I believe that feminism, like any group can be hijacked. It’s quite obvious that feminism isn’t inherently bad, but assclowns have joined up and dragging the movement down and do not know what true feminism stands for anymore.

    • M! says:

      Saige, I whole-heartedly agree. Feminism is supposed to be about EQUALITY, plain and simple. Unfortunately, a bushel of bad apples have given it a bad name by using it to promote their own misandry-filled agendas, but simply renouncing the term ‘feminist’ is letting them win. It seems counter-productive to me when women call themselves “‘anti-feminists” or “recovering feminists” or the likes; they are letting said man-haters take over a very important and still-very-relevant movement. Instead, we need to hold onto our title and label them what they are: misandrists.

      Don’t give into misogyny and don’t give into misandry. Renouncing feminism does both.

      *True* feminists understand that it is not just women who face problems and challenges in everyday life. Men, women, and everyone in between and beyond face a multitude of struggles and hardships.
      *True* feminists understand that the patriarchy holds men back just as it does women and try to break down hegemonic gender stereotypes in order to benefit EVERYONE.
      *True* feminists do not lump all men into one antagonistic category. Men should be our friends, our allies, and our supporters, not our enemies; we need to nurture these relationships.

  6. George Rolph says:


    May I have your permission to reproduce your blog here: https://quietgirlriot.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/against-feminisms/ On my blog with a link back to you? Here: http://justamanwriting.blogspot.com/


    George Rolph

  7. […] writer Quiet Riot Girl writes about the new controversial HEMA campaign that features androgynous model Andrej […]

  8. j24601 says:

    I’m not sure about you, QRG: A post-modern ex-feminist, I don’t think so; more like a post-modern neo-feminist. You may be completely right about your take on contemporary sexuality, which seems to have been forged by immersion in the ‘Women’s Studies’ department output of the early to mid nineties – I’m guessing that you are in your early to mid thirties! I do not have the time, or the desire to investigate your intellectual influences, as I somewhat share Camile Paglia’s view of Foucault, although I freely admit to a limited engagement with his work. In your review of Simpson’s book, now out on Kindle, you Identify it as the “best book on masculinity…” and continue to talk about football and “…the underlying homosexual sexual dynamics that form the ‘Beautiful Game.'” The first statement is probably garbage – I’ll not be reading the book, and the second is bollocks. You are self-indulgent and somewhat pretentious in what i can see of your writings; wholly consistent with a ‘pampered princess’ persona I sense of you online. You are clear proof that clever people can believe stupid things.

    • Hi Thanks for your comments. I obviously conveyed something about Simpson’s book that got to you to compel you to write.

      • j24601 says:

        Not quite.

        I was motivated to explore your socio-cultural position further, following what I’ve seen of your postings @ AVfM. In one posting you linked to the Simpson book. In the interest of inquiry, I followed the link. Then I took a cursory look at articles here, and made the earlier response above. Your pathetic inference in your reply to my comment betrays the small minded, solipsistic character of your output.

        No reply necessary. xXx

        Noted that AVfM is not on your blogroll.

  9. AlekNovy says:

    Hey QRG, on your many recommendations of it, yesterday I bought the Simpson book on kindle. I’m looking forward to see what its about.

  10. trailerbride says:

    REAL rhythm’n’blues? Lawdy. Now I actually like the original Dr Feelgood but still, by their musical snobbery shall you know them. Irrelevant old farts who have lost their place in the world cetera.

    I haven’t read much here yet, but you write and talk about Morrissey and you annoy the anonymous snob so you must be doing something right.


  11. not thick says:

    You thick fuck.

  12. Derek Banks says:

    I take you are anti feminism, are you also against men’s rights? I like your work and all this a great blog.

  13. The link I regret clicking.

  14. Robin Brunskill says:

    Hello – this is all really interesting. So. If you are not a feminist, then you are not in favour of suggesting to editors of 90’s lad-mags, that they should give all the money that they got from those publications, to the Womens Refuge movement?
    That’s a pity, because suggesting this to them, is a challenge to their self image as “Marxist.”
    They made money from feeding men’s underlying hatred of women.
    This led to more domestic violence.
    This led to Women’s Refuge shelters being dangerously overcrowded, turning away terrified women and children.
    Which led me to believe that those who FED the problem of violence against women, should PAY for the end result.. they got rich on making porn “cool” so let them see where hatred leads.
    As you are not a feminist, you won’t agree. A pity. I’d hoped that you’d like this idea. So many women do…

    • Mathew Toll says:

      I don’t much care for lads mags, you can pick on them contributing to unrealistic beauty standards though I don’t think there as bad as fashion magazines marketed to teenage girls, but what evidence do you have that 1) lad’s mags promote women hating and 2) cause increases in sexual violence and domestic violence?

  15. Jenny says:

    Thank you for making me feel like it’s OK not to be a typical ‘feminist’. I would like to call myself an ‘equalist’ – is that even a word?

    Last week I saw my boyfriend absolutely ripped into by a feminist friend of mine for asking some simple questions about her views, and he was reduced to tears. When he told her she was upsetting him he was accused of ‘tone policing’. This from a woman who I’ve seen be lovely, and listening, and fair in all kinds of other situations. I really don’t get it. And I’ve seen plenty of this kind of thing. Why do ‘feminists’ get the privilege of being dicks, and complaining when other people say that doesn’t seem fair?

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