Books By Quiet Riot Girl


Unethical Sluts : Collection of Short Stories (2011).

Challenging the idea that sex should or can be ‘done right’, these short pieces of fiction might reassure those who have often thought they were ‘doing it wrong’. Rather than titillating the readers, QRG grabs them by the throat. Funny, sad, scary in places Unethical Sluts is as far from Ann Summers style erotica as sex writing can get.

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Scribbling On Foucault’s Walls: A Novella (2011)

FREE PDF HERE: scribbling-on-foucaults-wallsNov15

Imagine if the great, French, homosexual philosopher, Michel Foucault, had in fact had a daughter… This is the story of the girl who wasn’t there…

Being born into not only the life of a homosexual man but also into the world of social theory and cultural critics makes this girl rather unusual. The text of the book mirrors the incongruity of the premise.

Foucault’s Daughter the girl had to fight to survive in a world where she was out of place. Foucault’s Daughter the book has also had to struggle to assert its right to exist, in the 21st century social media age. But both are here, alive and kicking!

  1. […] I read, “Scribbling on Foucault’s walls,” by Quiet Riot Girl, I adored the way that she passionately expresses how reader and writer can be […]

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