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Late last year there erupted a furore over an article published at the Good Men Project, by someone who admitted to having raped someone. I am not going to re-tread over that ground now. There is a good post discussing some of the issues by our very own stoner with a boner if you are interested.

I just want to draw attention to the fact that, during this hoo ha between feminists, the GMP and others, I noticed that an essay by me, Rape Culture and Other Feminist Myths, had been removed from the  Good Men Project website. Along with some work by another ‘anti feminist’ woman blogger, Girl Writes What. I don’t know the exact timing of the deletions (and my other essays for GMP were shifted from the main site to their lesser known Good Life Blog). But I am slightly perturbed that whilst it was the GMP executives, Tom Matlack and Lisa Hickey, who had caused the wrath of the feminasties, Girl Writes What and I seemed to be being scapegoated. If the GMP had ‘gone too far’ and annoyed feminist readers and writers, they had to ‘make amends’ somehow. And it looks like they have done so by removing writing that has already annoyed feminists.

 I always had issues with the Good Men Project, but I saw value in working with them and writing for them from time to time. I can’t help but feel that ironically, since uber -feminist GMP editor Hugo Schwyzer left the site quite a while ago, the ship has gone adrift. Where once there was some sort of balance between Schwyzer’s feminist ‘line’ and a more questioning, dare I say it? Pro-men stance from Tom Matlack, now there seems to be confusion and a void. And when it comes to gender politics, if there is so much as a crack in the paintwork of a ‘non-feminist’ space feminism will come and fill it, and take the whole show over.
So now we are left with a site about men that is kow-towing to feminism, and does not welcome non-feminist women or men! I am used to being the ‘bad girl’ now, and feel no personal loss at falling out of favour with the GMP. But I am  no longer interested in what GMP has to say about men, women, or gender issues. There are plenty of good men – and women – and those who identify otherwise – writing about these things in other places, such as A Voice For Men, MRA London blog male femme, stoner with a boner and of course, here, at QRGHQ.

I was delighted to get the chance recently to edit a theme at the Good Men Project website. I chose teenage kicks  and sought out articles by and about young men and teenagers.  These are the ones which have been published:

Bully : Surviving School by Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy):

Advice for parents of teens by Prymface (@Prymface ) :

Young Dads TV (@youngdadstv):

Teen Princes – Men writing YA Young Adult fiction (ft @_Jamesdawson and @itliesbeneath ) :

Shank Generation: a story by Marc Nash (@21stcscribe) :

True Gentlemen – an unusual university ‘frat house’ by Jake DiMare:

Boys without ambitions by ex-gamer Chris Hutton:

MetroseXY Movement – interview with DPhillgood (@dphillgood )

Teenage Dating In A Twilight/Hunger Games World by Sean Hackett:

All the articles in the theme can be found here!:

What is life like for 21st century teenage boys and young men? If gender roles are changing, is the change being led by young people? Are we seeing glimpses of the men (and women) of the future, via the teenagers of today?

Are you a teenage boy or a young man? What issues are most important to you growing up? How is your life affected by technology, rules, music, sex, religion, bullying?

Are you a parent of a teenage boy or do you work with young people? How do you negotiate the pressures of the modern world in bringing up/supporting teenage boys/young men? What do you worry about /look forward to about their futures?

Please email your article as a Word document to Quiet Riot Girl (aka Elly) by May 12th. Submissions may be between 250-1000 words. Please be sure to include your name and email address on your document.

If you have an idea and want to chat about it contact QRG/Elly (who is also on Twitter: @Notorious_QRG

‘Rape Culture and Other Feminist Myths’ is the title of my latest post arguing with feminist dogma, which you can read here at the  Good Men Project.

In the piece I write:

‘Have you ever heard a feminist say that we live in ‘transphobic assault’ culture? Or ‘murder of young black men’ culture? Or ‘homophobia’ culture? Or even ‘domestic violence’ culture?  I haven’t. Incidentally domestic violence is far more common than rape, and can also include rape. But it just doesn’t seem to impress the feminists who believe in rape culture. They are welcome to their victim top trumps, but I am not playing anymore.

When I say rape is ‘privileged’ in feminist discourse, I don’t mean that it benefits anybody. I believe that by focusing on the centrality of rape in our culture, feminists are actually making it more difficult for all of us to campaign against all forms of gendered violence in society.’

The discussion and comments are quite interesting, with a few feminist attack dogs trying to see me off their patch, but I held my ground! Thanks to Elissa, a regular QRG commenter for wading into the fray.