Good Men, Bad Girls

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Blogging, Feminism, Freedom of Speech, internet, Masculinities, misandry
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Late last year there erupted a furore over an article published at the Good Men Project, by someone who admitted to having raped someone. I am not going to re-tread over that ground now. There is a good post discussing some of the issues by our very own stoner with a boner if you are interested.

I just want to draw attention to the fact that, during this hoo ha between feminists, the GMP and others, I noticed that an essay by me, Rape Culture and Other Feminist Myths, had been removed from the  Good Men Project website. Along with some work by another ‘anti feminist’ woman blogger, Girl Writes What. I don’t know the exact timing of the deletions (and my other essays for GMP were shifted from the main site to their lesser known Good Life Blog). But I am slightly perturbed that whilst it was the GMP executives, Tom Matlack and Lisa Hickey, who had caused the wrath of the feminasties, Girl Writes What and I seemed to be being scapegoated. If the GMP had ‘gone too far’ and annoyed feminist readers and writers, they had to ‘make amends’ somehow. And it looks like they have done so by removing writing that has already annoyed feminists.

 I always had issues with the Good Men Project, but I saw value in working with them and writing for them from time to time. I can’t help but feel that ironically, since uber -feminist GMP editor Hugo Schwyzer left the site quite a while ago, the ship has gone adrift. Where once there was some sort of balance between Schwyzer’s feminist ‘line’ and a more questioning, dare I say it? Pro-men stance from Tom Matlack, now there seems to be confusion and a void. And when it comes to gender politics, if there is so much as a crack in the paintwork of a ‘non-feminist’ space feminism will come and fill it, and take the whole show over.
So now we are left with a site about men that is kow-towing to feminism, and does not welcome non-feminist women or men! I am used to being the ‘bad girl’ now, and feel no personal loss at falling out of favour with the GMP. But I am  no longer interested in what GMP has to say about men, women, or gender issues. There are plenty of good men – and women – and those who identify otherwise – writing about these things in other places, such as A Voice For Men, MRA London blog male femme, stoner with a boner and of course, here, at QRGHQ.
  1. Paul says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised the people over at GMP are buckling. Most of their readers are actually women and they know this. That’s why, slowly but surely, the majority of their articles have morphed into variations of the “what’s wrong with men” theme.

    Frankly, I’m surprised the Facade lasted this long under Noah Brand.

    I gave up on the site long before this whole “unrepentant rapist” brouhaha got stirred up,and I got banned from the site for calling Joanna on some BS she posted, so I can’t say I really care what happens to it now.

    • I have had some difficulties with GMP too in the past. and am not entirely surprised either. But I still think they have gone further now than before, in taking down our work etc

      • Ginkgo says:

        This really is grovelling submission over at GMP. Jill Filipovic has gone on the warpath against them, for her own career reasosn, and chosen this rape article as her opportunity. Sghe made noises about the place being a n MRA heelhole, because it’s a feminist’s right toplolice a men’s rights site, because after all feminists own the gender discussion.

        That’s why threats like you and GWW are going to be targeted as the peace offering that’s demanded.

        It’s not surprising that Tom Matlack buckled, after all he has shown symptoms of being pretty PW all along, but I kind of hoped Joanna would show some more backbone.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the plug 🙂 – though I’m not sure it really belongs with the rest, since my blog is mostly specifically about cross-dressing. (Also there needs to be a comma after “blog” in the last line ;)).

    As for all this GMP stuff, dunno what’s going on there :/ . Not that I’m really bothered. Just the name “Good Men Project” is enough to keep my visits to a minimum.

    • thanks for that — I think! will read now

      • I’ve read the Moore piece and my main reaction is that her ‘women and children first’ brand of feminism is, ironically, pretty ‘patriarchal’ if you think about it!

        • redpesto says:

          You might as well read this piece by Moore as well, before the BTL goes into meltdown… (I love the way she address her transgender critics by talking about Bowie, bisexuality and androgyny)

          • as has been written before by others, Bowie was a bit of an ‘opportunist’ when it came to bisexuality and gender bending. sure he did it brilliantly, but admitted later that basically he is a hetero bloke who was just playing about. this is very different as you infer, from someone who feels they cannot live in their body as it is, and who has no identification with the gender identity imposed upon them from birth.

        • Ginkgo says:

          White woman feminism is just the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Patriarchy.

          In the US elite white feminsits agitiated for the vote for white women but not for black Civil Wat veterans. White feminsts were active in the Women’s KKK as well as other forms of social acitivsm. Their involvement in eugenics is well-documented. Every one of these was in lockstep with the policies of the male-dominated power structure. That’s where these “pure vessels” positioned themselves politically.

  3. […] Riot Girl herself has some thoughts on the growing irrelevancy of The Good Men Project on her own blog as a result of this Orwelleian erasing of a publication’s own […]

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