Posted: February 4, 2012 in Feminism, Gender Violence
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From previous conversations with Suzanne Moore, I know she is a fan of Valerie Solanas, author of the SCUM Manifesto, and attempted assassin of Andy Warhol. However, Ms Moore is less generous in her analysis of Roman Polanski, because the violence he has admitted to was ‘rape’.

Last night Suzanne Moore was watching the Late Review show on TV and this conversation ensued:

Speaks for itself really doesn’t it? But I think she is just employing the acceptable prejudice that is misandry. Feminism is full of double standards!


  1. not thick says:

    I think you are one of the stupidest people ever.
    No wonder you like Mark Simpson.

  2. redpesto says:

    I think I remember that Moore interview with Polanski. They didn’t hit it off. As for her tweet, it depends on whether you (a) regard him as an important European film-maker (b) think that his behaviour overrides his creative work, no matter how good. I’d have possibly asked whether Moore would have said the same thing had Polanski served some jail time before making the film, but I’m not on Twitter, and the whole Polanski debate has become completely polarised and toxic (which probably makes it ideal for a Twitterstorm…).

  3. Henry says:

    Didn’t SCUM reputedly stand for the Society for Cutting Up Men?

  4. Jared says:

    I read Rosmary’s baby once, years ago, I’m paraphrasing horribly but in the foreword the author said that he stands by his book as a worthy piece of work, but sincerly regreted the amount of stupidity it inspirred.

    Seems apt for the situation.

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