She’s Got Sarah Palin Eyes

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember Palin’s eyeroll? I do. Its ubiquity on youtube and throughout the liberal press in America and beyond, summed up the ridiculousness of people’s opposition to the former Governor of Alaska, in their bid to make sure she did not get near the White House.


And now the liberal ‘left’ have got their eyes on a new target: Michele Bachmann. Bachmanneyezed on tumblr puts her ‘crazy eyes’ on various celebrities and muppets, to show just how laughable she is.

But if that is the extent of the ‘commentary’ on Michelle Bachmann, and if even ‘serious’ journalists and bloggers are using the age old ‘mad woman’ trope to discredit a female republican politician, then why should I even bother to read their thought out critiques and observations of how ‘contradictory’ her statements are? If you rely on their creativity for scoring your political points, you have to accept that the tumblr generation are the ones having the last laugh.  They know politics is all about image and your in -depth rational analysis is lost on the post-modern world.



  1. Elise says:

    Liberals drive me even fucking crazier than feminists. Although I am a liberal, too. (Here we go again?)

    • Lol. Yes well maybe you are a masochist? I am glad I know longer identify myself amongst these people. But I know it is hard to let go of the basic idea of being on the ‘right side’ in politics. I have no sides anymore and it helps me see more clearly.

  2. elissa says:

    The corndog picture is making the rounds – with feminists fighting with liberals over the sexist oral implications. I’m actively searching to see if any racist implications have yet surfaced….

    • Oh Elissa that is just so ridiculous! Feminists always think they are able to decide on behalf of everyone (except for the subject/object of the media coverage herself who has no right to feel offense) what is offensive and what isn’t!

      In my view, being called ‘batty’ is more damaging for a presidential candidate than being shown to be eating a corn dog!

  3. elissa says:

    Oh absolutely – batty, nuts, crazy, spineless, lame etc

    That stuff sticks to you like cum – but it’s the corndog that takes center stage every time.

    Americans will never reconcile their sexuality with their politics – Bachmann also wants to reinstate the “don’t ask, don’t tell” for military gays.

    Retrosexual can penetrate the political butt from many different angles!

    • Jim says:

      Sex is personal, and the personal is political. That’s what Mao Zedong contributed to american political culture. Or maybe he learned it from us. I think all revolutionaries are Puritans in the pit of their malignant souls.

  4. redpesto says:

    The corndog picture is making the rounds – with feminists fighting with liberals over the sexist oral implications.

    …because the real issue is eating phallic-shaped objects and not her views on being ‘submissive’ to her husband.* They’ve not learned from the Palin car-crash, have they?

    *Don’t get your hopes up, QRG – it’s more ‘God told me to’ than Story of O

  5. Jim says:

    Speaking of malignant, Bachmann’s ideology is so malignant that on the one hand I don’t care how she is brought down, and on the other hand I think all we have to do is let her talk. Her malignancy goes much deeper than that “submission” thing – and no one thinks for a minute that her vicious little Milquetoast of a husband is dominating that Brunhilde for a minute

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