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This is a short post – whilst I get ready to go on holiday tomorrow – YAY! – to announce a blogging prize.

The UK prize for science blogging is now open or entries :

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am sceptical  about using science to study sex and gender. Of course the physical body can be examined using scientific method, but when it comes to understanding sexual orientation, gender identity and ‘what turns us on’, science often obfuscates rather than clarifies the human condition.

I have been having some discussions about this on twitter:

But whatever your view on science, I am glad there is a prize like this. The organisers assure me they are defining ‘science’ here in its broadest sense, so social science bloggers  including those writing on psychology, gender and the environment can enter.

I don’t think I’ll enter. My track record with entering blogging prizes is not very illustrious! >>

But good luck to those who do.