Down, Boys: The Guardian’s Head of Technology @JemimaKiss Flexes Her Editorial Muscles #gamergate

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

According to The ralph retort the Guardian made its mind up about the #gamergate controversy back in September (if not before). In a missent email, the graun’s head of technology, Jemima Kiss gave an edict to her journalists:

‘Again please DO NOT RESPOND to this idiotic campaign.

Leigh [a feminist games/tech writer] will  be coming in to morning conference to talk about Gamergate soon’.

Her email is given the subject heading of: ‘Re: Leigh Alexander and Vice Writer ‘#killallmen”. I would be interested to see the rest of the thread in question!

It’s not surprising the press takes certain editorial lines on issues. But there’s something in the timing of this email and its tone – dare I call it ‘bossy’? – that is particularly authoritarian and closed-minded. Particularly Guardian.  Dismissing a complex set of events/people/actions as ‘idiotic’ is not very rigorous for a senior journalist.

I wouldn’t want to get on the wrongside of Ms Kiss! (though it’s quite possible I already have).

  1. Henry says:

    “dare I call it ‘bossy’?”

    As I may have already said here, I love the unselfconscious stupidity of the “ban bossy” campaign. These are people who want to ban words they don’t like, who don’t want to be accused of having an over-authoritarian streak. It’s kindergarten stuff

    Of course the specious, complex and meaningless arguments the proffer to justify the ban are the worrying thing – if you’re a feminist and you talk enough bullshit, eventually people must do as you say. They WILL do as you say!

    Is Jemima Kiss a real name. Ridiculous nom de plume if not.

  2. redpesto says:

    RalphRetort: They’re not interested in letting us have our say, because they know we will win the day.

    …which is odd because over at the Guardian Jessica Valenti is convinced that ‘her side’ is ‘winning’ GamerGate. What it looks like instead is that it’s just become yet another front in an endless culture war.

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