Policing Gender #metrosexual

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Masculinities, metrosexuality
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This week in America (where else?) a 13 year old boy has been suspended from school for wearing a handbag.

The boy, Skyler Davis said: ‘It expresses myself. Everyone else can wear it, so I can wear it as well’

Well quite. It astounds me sometimes that even in the uber-metro 21st century, whilst girls can wear anything from doc martens to tutus, boys are treated as gender non-conforming and therefore suspect, if they go ‘too far’ from a so-called ‘masculine’ norm.

The bag, from designer Vera Bradley, is quite ‘tasteful’ and, going over the shoulder, practical.  It’s difficult to see how it could be seen to violate school rules.

Metro-anxiety is not limited to the States though. In the summer, footballer Gareth Bale made the headlines in the middle of transfer season, not for signing for Arsenal or Man U, but for daring to wear pink!


But metrosexuality is not for turning. Any disapproval or attempts to ‘ban’ young men’s flamboyant self love will ultimately get washed away in the tide. Boys can be beautiful too. The gender police are fighting a losing battle.

  1. Jonathan says:

    > The gender police are fighting a losing battle.

    Let’s hope so. The gender hyper-conformity of most celebrity culture makes me feel ill.

  2. elissa says:

    A word of caution on this specific story – though we all agree that the handbag is indeed lovely, and should not pose a threat – there may be a larger rule at play within the school (as reported), one that states no bags, handbags, are allowed within certain classrooms….that would make it a different rallying cry 🙂

    • QRG says:

      true, elissa. I did think of that after I’d posted. But I guess it depends on if girls have been suspended for the same ‘offence’ if they’ve taken bags into the wrong parts of school.

  3. redpesto says:

    A sign of the times: the on-pitch ad for last Saturday’s Wales v South Africa rugby international – Dove Care for Men.

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