The Wonderous Magic of Emily Portman

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I wasn’t feeling too well when I dragged myself out last night to Kings Place London to see The Emily Portman Trio. But that’s just one brilliant thing about music and the people who make it – if we are not up to creating and performing, to living at full blast, they always will be. My spirits were lifted and I forgot any physical or emotional ailments for a few hours.

Folk music often draws on mythology, fables and fairy tales. Emily Portman puts a modern twist on stories and songs she has read, heard or simply invented. One of her numbers ‘The Hinge of The Year’ is based on Angela Carter’s Nights At The Circus, Another is about a curious, magical character Portman conjured up whilst walking home at night as a young woman in a Newcastle suburb. And much of her work takes fairy tales and myths – such as Cinderella, and Leda and the Swan – then turns them into something all her own.


I highly recommend the Emily Portman Trio – for banishing bugs and bad vibes, and for reminding us why folk music is very much still with us, and as beguiling as ever.

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