Theorising The Web – March 2nd, 2013: @ NYC and Teh Internetz #ttw13

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I’m excited to remind you that this year’s Theorising The Web event is almost upon us. Taking place at the CUNY Graduate Centre in NYC  on March 2nd, #ttw13 will include a mix of presentations, panel discussions and, of course, twitter contributions on the subject of our society’s immersion in digital technologies. Last year I enjoyed taking part online. Though I wish I could go to New York to be there in person this time, I know that the organisers Nathan Jurgenson and PJ Rey encourage and value remote participation as much as the input from IRL delegates. Because, these young and groundbreaking academics are all about challenging our misguided separation of the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’ , aka what Jurgenson has termed  ‘digital dualism‘.

As someone who finds it impossible to distinguish between my online and offline ‘self’, I am fascinated and enthused by their ideas. And I will be taking a front row seat, in the real world, sat at my computer at home on Saturday, whilst I happen to watch papers live streamed rather than in a seminar room, and as I make my points on the #ttw13 hashtag instead of by putting my hand up. I hope some of you can join us on the day. The world is changing faster than we can theorise it, but I am glad someone is giving the social media age a run for its money.

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  2. Matthew says:

    One of the most unusual realities of Internet life for me has been online dating. I found myself becoming emotionally invested in others before I met them based on pictures and typed profiles and had to constantly remind myself that what I was creating in my brain were “fictional people”. I inevitably would encounter these “fictional people” and could more readily see how I projected onto profiles. But also had to realize that I was creating a fictional self as well – I never did “persona” well as “I” consider myself a generalized amalgamation of random influences. The reality of Internet personalities whether bloggers or online dates or people we barely know on facebook is we have all become the shadows in Plato’s cave – an unreal version of oneself.

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