At Last, Becks Loses His Metrosexy Crown To A Prettier Queen (for a bit)

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Masculinities, metrosexuality, Metrosexy, Sporno, Uncategorized
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tom daley


It’s hardly surprising an 18 year old, who is currently – er – splashed all over our TV and media, would usurp ageing David Beckham as the king/queen of metrosexual masculinity. So Heat’s latest list  of ‘hottest hunks’ is just reflecting public opinion. But, the Daily Mail, which I find much more positive in general about metro boys than other papers (especially the Graun) has felt the need to frame this event in a very ‘heterosexist’ way. According to the Mail:

‘And it seems that Tom Daley’s grueling work-out regime has paid off in more ways than one after coming top of Heat Magazine’s annual ‘Hottest Hunks’ poll.

The 18-year-old has toppled heartthrob David Beckham from the number one spot after gaining a legion of female followers thanks to his toned torso.’

I guess it is also not surprising that the story of Daley’s ascendance would be accompanied by some metrosexual denial. But following the #Splash twitter hashtag, it is clear that Daley has plenty of men fans, and that even if young men are not lusting after him but rather aspiring to be like him, it is his tits and abs they are emulating, not his backwards pike.
  1. Ginkgo says:

    Wouldn’t he be a twink rather than a queen? Nice pits but otherwise pretty hairless, and those small features just scream neoteny.

  2. Hottington Hotworth says:

    He’s gay, a well-known open secret in Plymouth. Even his mum admits it when asked …

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