The History of Lionel Messi Vol I #metrosexual

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Fag Up!, Football, Metrosexual Murderers, metrosexuality, Metrosexy
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Lionel Messi showed up at an awards event recently, resplendant in polka dots. Some have said he is following in that 80s pop duo’s footsteps, Strawberry Switchblade. I hate to be a pedant, but I myself once aped those goth-pop beauties at my school disco aged twelve. And I think they were more ‘spotty’ than ‘dotty’.

But dots v spots aside, the question is in 2013 is Messi dressing up to the nines for a do ‘news’? according to metrotastic blogger Grooming Guru we are now in a ‘post metrosexual’ age and men’s grooming and preening habits are nothing to write home about.

I’m not so sure. But I do think we now have quite a substantial contemporary ‘history’ of tarty boys. And so rather than women role models it is quite possible Messi is following in the well heeled footsteps of the King (or queen) of metrosexual display, David Beckham. It was 15 whole years ago that Becks caused a splash with his sarong.

So maybe it’s too late for us to get our spotty knickers in a twist about a few dots…


  1. Jonathan says:

    And Becks looks a lot better than Messi 🙂

  2. Jameseq says:

    i like the polka tux, though i feel just a plain black bow tie would have been better
    the negative reaction from the dour and dull was expected

    perhaps you all have seen the london’s mens fashion photos, (with the obligatory dress for men that never gets mass produced)

    • well yes fashion is always more extreme than ordinary people would wear but in the end, I think it trickles down into the masses wardrobes. men in dresses will be ‘normal’ one day I believe

      • Ginkgo says:

        We have a custom developing here in the Seattle area, the “utilikilt”. It is made of heavy demin, usally tan, has pockets all over that make it really good for all kinds of outdoor work – and here’s the kicker – it is most popular amog hefty middle-aged white men. Ther eis alredy a prefenrece for shot pants here, often worn with a fleece parka and sandals, so this is just a riff on that really. One mailman tried to get his acpeted as an alternate Postal Service uniform, but failed.

  3. Like this one from Carlos, the latin seducer of the Hey Big Show (on Pipture) says: Some men are “metrosexual.” I have nothing against this. My cousin Ramon is metrosexual. His boyfriend Wayne is a very nice man.

  4. taffysaur says:

    friggin’ love strawberry switchblade. thanks for that bit of morning superhappy.

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