No Homophobe – Sporno, Anti-Homophobia, And Metrosexual Machismo

Posted: December 1, 2012 in homosexuality, Identity, metrosexuality, Sporno

My view: Ben Cohen et al strip off for anti-homophobia charities as a nod that what they do is ‘well gay’, but they’re #NOHomo just ‘allies’

Metrosexual Machismo is alive and well, and disavowing the HOMOsexuality of metrosexual men’s narcissism #metrosexual

In the old days rugger buggers and rowing clubs could get naked together noone would bat an eye. Now gay is visible they need a ‘line’ on it

and their line is: ‘we’re doing it for charity, we’re ‘lads’, and we support anti-homophobia campaigns’ #metrosexual #gay

But how this actually helps actual gay and bi sportsmen be out and comfortable I do not know! They will hide even more! #metrosexual

My ex went to Warwick university. He wasn’t in the rowing club: he would have mucked things up, since he was an actual sodomite.

– more on this soon I was tweeting some notes. Keeping them here for the record!

h/t paul for the metrosexy rowing vid!

  1. Being an old bastard from Cornwall, I can agree that men like nothing more than getting naked together after a game of rugby. I maintain that the majority of male (that I have encountered) social life is mildly homo-erotic at the very least. Most of it is full on man-love!

    By the way, can I just say that in defending you against Paul Burston in London, I was branded a “homophobe,” by several (ex) friends and “academics.”

    I am currently in Bangkok where a blow job and a hand-shake are frequently mistaken, I cannot believe that people who are willing to debate the com-modification of sexuality are not open to your blogs.

    Please keep up the good work,

    Greetings from the land where men spend most of their lives “not finding the right girl.” x

    • Thanks for defending me! You’re right there is nothing new about this, except maybe the extent to which this homo-erotic horseplay is mediated and made into calendars, videos etc.

      and I am wary of how far it challenges homophobia as none of the sexy sporno stars involved identify as gay or bi, and we still have no out bi/gay footballers in the UK.

      well I will be careful whose hand I shake if ever I am in Bangkok!

      • shoegirl says:

        Well put, and unfortunately so true. The more “metro” a rugby/rowing/[insert macho sport here] tries to be, the less it conceals the real anxiety about its own homophobia. (By the way, I think this is similar to “efforts” on part of puffball – sorry soccer – to shake its racist reputation). I find it interesting that its only in Wales, home to out player Gareth Thomas and everybodies favourite international ref Nigel Owens, that there is real evidence of acceptance in the community.

        There are, however, good efforts within certain parts of the rugby confraternity to be inclusive – not just for sexuality but also gender – women’s rugby is better supported and covered than other sports. (A lot of this is down to the local clubs and unions “owning” the women’s game instead of relegating it to a separate umbrella group that can then be conveniently ignored and denied resources). The Mark Bingham Memorial Tournament (Bingham Cup) is a model of such inclusion – but I think partly because of strong teams fielded by countries where rugby has to contend with bigger or “native” codes for spectators and players alike, that also host huge “out” gay communities (South Eastern Australia, West Coast USA, UK, etc).

        I think professionalism has a lot to do with it too. As somebody who can be found many weekends in hallowed IRFU (and this season Paris and soon London-ish) grounds, I’ve noticed that the smart professional wives of the amateur era, have been replaced with the same mechanical Barbie-doll blonde bimbos you see on celebrity/footballers WAG parades. Even the smart educated ones now feel a need to reinforce their masculinity with a caricatured feminine presence. To me this only reinforces the anxiety around perceived masculinity that is common in male sportsmanship in general.

        Or perhaps it is a quiet knee-jerk to the strong inclusionary efforts in such sports themselves?

        • great comments from someone inside the wonderous world of rugby. I am going to think about them more. Yes I’d say the ‘arm candy’ celeb ‘wags’ of sportsmen these days are a heteronormative symbol, but then the women pick footballers for status too so it goes both ways. and sometimes footballers spoil the hetero dream by having ‘bisexual’ orgies etc…

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