U Ok Hun? *hugs*

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Blogging, concern porn, Identity, internet
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When Chris Floyd, photographer, agent provocateur and all round good egg (u ok, hun?) posted a link to this tumblr on twitter, my first reaction was ‘Oh God’. I am afraid I can’t add to that yet, as I am still sat here, mouth agape, going Oh. God.

But maybe in this world of total onslaught of ‘funny’, ‘shocking’, ‘interesting’, ‘thought provoking’, ‘kooky’ etc links, memes,  images, jokes, viral videos, ads, avatars, pornos, statements, ‘Oh God’ means something has cut through the fog and made an actually apt comment on contemporary society.

Once, before taking the more sensible, maybe less fun route of doing a sociology PhD, before twitter, facebook and tumblr even existed, I had the idea to write an MA dissertation about ‘therapy culture’. You know, the world of Oprah, Trisha, pilates, psychotherapy, helplines, and ‘u ok hun?’ concern. I think I was onto something. And I should probably write it up.

But maybe we’ve gone beyond ‘therapy culture’ into something else, something more cloying, more mediated, more instantaneous, more cyborg. I mean, a computer, a social media network, a website, can give the impression it cares ( think of those company emails: ‘we missed you!’). Which, if you think about it, is pretty disconcerting,

U ok hun? *hugs*

  1. marc2020 says:

    Well ok this is a little disconcerting as you say but is it as wide a reaching a phenomena as the author of the tumblr insists that it is?

    I don’t know it just seems like these kinds of Tumblr’s are popping up all the time and for the life of me I can’t think why anyone would bother, do people have so little going on in their own lives that they have to peak into and trash other peoples? Do they get some kind of twisted sense of superiority out of it, like the way people watch reality TV shows to laugh at those they deem unworthy.

    Understand I’m not accusing you or Mr Floyd of anything I am though questioning the motives of the person who runs this tumblr what does he or she get out of this?

    God all I have are questions Tumblr fucking does that to you.

    • very fair points there marc. You’re right there is probably a tumblr for every aspect of 21st century (white, western?) society and culture. But of all the snarky tumblrs I’ve seen this one rang true to me. I used to do a lot of internet dating and when men (I happened to be searching men’s profiles I expect women do it too) called me ‘hun’ I would die a bit inside. It felt as if they were assuming or imposing an intimacy that didn’t exist.

      Like you say, there’s lots of questions here!

  2. I have seen all too many folks striving for intimacy and comfort via twitter and other social media. That is worrying because all who do that make themselves potentially vulnerable to expressions that can indeed be cyborgian in source but not recognised as such by the recipients.

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