In Defence Of… @Nero (aka Milo Yiannopoulos )

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Freedom of Speech, Identity, Porn
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UPDATE: apparently The Spectator got it wrong and Nero has NOT been nominated for what they call ‘bigot of the year’. I am leaving this up though as others have called him a homophobe (and me). And as I don’t trust Stonewall!

According to The Spectator, Stonewall have nominated Milo Yiannopoulus, who tweets as  @Nero, as ‘homophobe of the year 2012’. Apart from the questionable ethics and purpose of holding such a competition in the first place, I think their nomination is stupid and actually pretty cruel.

Sharp witted readers will remember that I have criticised Nero in the past, for his slag-off of Johann Hari‘s adventures as a porn writer. 50 Shades of Gay might not have been the bonkbuster of the year, but I support people’s right to express their sexualities and opinions. Even Johann the Librarian.

And that is why I am defending Milos now. He is openly homosexual, and openly opinionated for example against the principles and practicalities of gay marriage. Stonewall’s conformist gay politics mean that to challenge the sanctity of gay marriage is to be homophobic, even if, as Milos is, you are gay yourself.

This is just replacing one fault, one wrong, with another! Picking on individuals who disagree with you, who live their lives in a way you don’t endorse, in a way you don’t understand, is what ‘anti gay’ ‘bigots’ do!

As gay academic Mark Mccormack has written, now that LGBT sexualities are more normalised in our society, the stigma has shifted. Being labelled ‘homophobic’ is actually as socially unacceptable as being homosexual was only decades ago. And adding to that stigma with ‘homophobe of the year’ competitions may not be such a cool move.

There are also issues here around  freedom of expression. Writing in the Guardian recently Suzanne Moore pointed out:

‘The terms “misogyny”, “anti-semitism” and “homophobia” may be useful but too often are used to shut down rather than open up online debate. This is why free speech is so difficult. ‘

So Stonewall’s nomination of a gay man who has spoken out against gay marriage as ‘homophobe of the year’ could be seen as an attempt to devalue that position, and to shut up people who hold it. Gay, straight whatever.

But the fact Milos identifies as gay/homosexual himself makes this a particularly sour tale. To start making examples of ‘your own’ and attempting to shame them in public seems pretty low.

Some gays oppose gay marriage, Stonewall. Get Over It.

  1. Stuart says:

    Stands up and applauds. Well said QRG!

  2. Rick Powell says:

    I’m pretty sure @Nero is going to shrug off this “award,” and it’s not fair to label and shame him as homophobic. But these countercultural types will have to do an accounting someday for their positions. I have yet to read a coherent one. They feel more like poses to me.

  3. elissa says:

    Agree in full. Ideas should not be tightly bound by their more prevalent counterparts. One of their prime objectives should always be about exploration. Sacred cows shit the same as regular cows.

  4. nailbiter says:

    Why not nominate someone like Matt “Matilda” Bernstein Sycamore, who has spoken out against gay marriage as well as the push for gays in the military, in the past. Ah, because Matt, unlike the “heteronormative” Yiannopoulus, is a raging limp wristed nancy boy/girl. Bad enough that Yiannopoulus hold any religious belief, bad enough he diverge from the mainstream occupational-homosexual zeitgeist…what really ires the ass-bandit-as-profound-political-statemant crowd is that Yiannopoulus acts according to his gender. If only he’d wear a pink cravat and make a public display of his raging hard-on for Liza Minnelli, or is it Lady Gaga?

    The aversion occupational homosexuals have towards “straight acting” gentlemen is very much comparable to the aversion a group of southern baptists would have toward a drag queen. Never underestimate it.

    • 50shadygays says:

      Well, I’m a bit of a “limp-wrister,” at times; not always; still, I find that is the real, “no no,” in the – um – professional (?) gay world. I actually think in practice it’s the opposite to the picture you paint, from my experience anyway. Straight acting is the preferred choice of the purveyors of homo-discourse. ‘Flouncers,’ even in the homo world, are never really taken very seriously, Perhaps the exceptions prove the rules? Who know’s?

      What I find really sad about the world of gayness is that people make a living out of it, and perpetuate some kind of universal gay suffrage which is not even observed within the homosexual community itself. For some people being gay is a full time job and that is more un-settling than the raving flouncers of this world…

      • QRG says:

        oh I think Milo is pretty flamboyantly gay at times but I agree ‘professional’ gay(ist)s are unpalatable. And clinging onto (ironically) a world that doesn’t exist anymore where they’re ‘persecuted’ (aka special)

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