Metrosexual Olympics #2 – Metrosexy Olympic Adverts

Posted: July 13, 2012 in metrosexuality, Metrosexy, Sporno, Uncategorized
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Transport for London may not be able to afford Olympic athletes for their ‘public service announcement’ campaign about the fast-approaching travel chaos that will affect the capital during the games. But many commercial companies and brands can. So this is the season of sporno-tastic olympic-themed advertising.

The above ad is for King of Shaves, a quite ‘low end’ razor brand which includes monthly rates for products delivered to your door on a regular basis. But its star model James Ellington, a sprinter, is not ‘low end’ at all. His torso and his tats are giving Becks and his relentless, profitable narcissistic display a run for his money that’s for sure!

But King of Shaves don’t actually mention the ‘Olympics’ in its adverts at all. This is most likely to be because London 2012 are working very hard at Protecting their Brand. There is even government legislation making it illegal to use certain phrases and words if you are not an official sponsor of The Games, such as British Airways.

I think though, that an athlete’s metrosexy body speaks for itself, and the difference in ‘quality’ and impact of ads around the Olympic theme does not seem to relate to language, but rather to imagery. Take these two adverts below, one for subway sandwiches the other for cadbury’s creme eggs.  Neither is very strong. But that’s not due to the lack of official Olympics Logo or terminology. I think it is due to the obvious absence of any tits or abs!

Whoever wins medals at the end of July/beginning of London, I know that metrosexuality will continue to be stood on the podium. In fact it has no competition!

h/t @grooming_guru for identifying James Ellington as the KoS model, and to @fennerpearson for the info on the protection of the Olympics brand.
  1. Dean Esmay says:

    The ad with Beckham was lovely. I wonder if any of it was real or if it was all CGI?

    One thing about the “Metrosexy” business I notice is that these days, except for the fact that visible stubble or neatly trimmed beards are somewhat back in fashion (good so far as I’m concerned, because men are supposed to have hair on their faces), what is it with the full-body epilady treatment on most of these “sexy” guys?

    I’ve long thought the obsession with women to remove all their body hair beyond maybe plucking a few stray uglies here and there is a little odd–to the point now where even the pubic area must be obsessively near-naked–and I find it even odder that now men are sort of expected to be mostly-hairless on their bodies. I know I’m one of those who’d be branded “retrosexual” and all, but I don’t look down on men who care about appearances. But what is it with the almost obsessive need to get rid of all body hair and most facial hair except maybe a bit of stubble? Odd to me.

    • QRG says:

      My cynical answer to your question is that promoting hair removal is a way of making money. I saw a ‘brazilian’ wax advertised to women in a local salon for £99 recently and thought ‘what a waste of cash!’

      My less cynical answer is that for men especially, but women too, removing hair emphasises muscle tone. abs look more impressive if they are smooth.

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