Better Go Now – New Song From Police Dog Hogan

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I first heard about Police Dog Hogan when one of the band members, Tim Dowling wrote a quite self-depreciating piece in the Guardian about how he’d taken up the banjo, and was doing some gigs with a bluegrass band. He is one of few writers in the Graun whose prose I enjoy reading, but whilst the story stayed with me, the name of the band didn’t.

Then when I saw him mention the band on twitter recently I gave them a listen and I think they’re great! As one of his bandmates said:

The bluegrass sound is one of my favourites anyway,  and I love Gillian Welch, the Handsome Family, Micah P Hinson, The Be Good Tanyas and their old country influences such as Hank Williams. But the thing about Bluegrass is as it is so pared down it has to be done well – all the mistakes show up. And Police dog Hogan do it well! Their last video was great too:

Police Dog Hogan’s website:

On twitter @Policedoghogan

Tim Dowling (on banjo) @IAmTimDowling 

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