QRG LIVES! A Links Round – Up

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Blogging, Feminism, Freedom of Speech, Identity, Writing
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The last week or so has not been brilliant for QRG Towers. There is a chance you may have read some pretty nasty things about me online. At one point I considered the possibility that I might have to shut up shop altogether. So I am very relieved and delighted to announce that…



As I said in the Krank post above (@Krank_IE On twitter):

‘Life is for learning’ sang Joni Mitchell, back in the depths of the 20th century. And the internet age has been one big learning curve for me. This week I have learned a hell of a lot. Some of the insights I’ve gained I think have a wider relevance. The simplest one is this: never be afraid to say what you think!’

Here is some evidence of my continued existence in the form of recent online articles of mine:

Rape Culture and Other Feminist Myths (re-posted at Arts and Opinion):

A Partial Defence of Narcissism (at The Good Men Project): http://goodmenproject.com/mental-illness-2/a-partial-defense-of-narcissism/

The anthology I edit, Games Perverts Play, has a new books section. The PDF of the latest edition: DIRT is available there to download (FREE!): http://gamespervertsplay.wordpress.com/books/


Onwards and sideways, as Mae West may or may not have said!

  1. Ginkgo says:

    Fuck the haters.

    They are treating you like a heretic. If their dogmas could stand on thier own, they wouldn’t be so frantic.

  2. “Are you in town for good, or for fun?” (fave Mae quotes)

  3. Ginkgo says:

    She is famous for quotes and some of them have passed into the language. as far as I cna tell she wsas the first one to say “Is that banana in oyur pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

    It’s an interesting contrast to see what kind of racy stuff a madame could say ion movies back in the supposedly so repressive 30’s compared to the precious sensitivities that movies have to tip-toe between these days.

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