Invisible Men: Tom Martin’s LSE Gender Studies Case

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Feminism, Freedom of Speech, Male Impersonators, Masculinities
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Remember Tom Martin who is suing the LSE Gender Institute for discrimination against men? Here is an update about his case:

‘Tom Martin’s sex discrimination lawsuit against Europe’s largest gender studies department at The London School of Economics (LSE) has been delayed, a hearing now rescheduled for March 13th. Tom has given an interview for a programme on satellite news channel Press TV on ‘the future of feminism’, which awaits broadcast, and also, has recently been invited to take part in a debate at University College London (UCL), on the prevalence of misandry in academia and society, a date not yet set. Tom invites all other press and media to contact him

Tom thanks all 120 people from 9 countries who have now donated a total of £4013.25 to the legal fighting fund so far, and asks supporters to keep the donations coming in and the momentum going, by subscribing on twitterfacebook and youtube, and spreading the word in any other way they can for what could be a long, difficult, but ultimately game-changing awareness-raising and legal campaign. ‘

I have written before about this erasure of men and masculinity from gender studies academia. I was in the belly of the beast for a number of years so as a researcher interested in men and masculinity, I have first hand experience of the phenomenon.


It is about time men were not rendered invisible, or ‘evil’ by feminist dominated gender studies. I support Tom in his case and hope he wins!

  1. Paul says:

    I wish the guy luck, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not even sure I’ll be able to pay my rent this month, I would donate.

    Also “I’m not going to ask a bunch of men about domestic violence.” Of course not cupcake, because then it would be “honest research.”

    Some of the body language of those women was interesting to watch. You could tell they weren’t used to having their assumptions questioned.

    I’ve long maintained that a lot of the feminists complaints about male behavior are just projections of their own behavior on to men. Watching this video seemed to favor that theory. It’s pretty clear that it’s not men who never let anybody else talk. Hell, even that guy standing next to the blonde seemed to want to say something but couldn’t seem to get a word in edgewise.

    lol @ “fallacy of the majority” I bet that girl is just loooads of fun.

  2. Jonathan says:

    They’re 19-20 year olds being put on the spot by unexpected questions from an aggressive guy poking a camera in their faces. Of course they came off badly.

  3. Henry says:

    Jonathan: I don’t get the impression he is being aggressive

    The responses he gets are familiar to any man arguing against feminism: the anger, the “shut up”s, ridicule etc. I once again direct the reader to the story of Neil Lyndon if they are skeptical of what I’m saying. Feminism is politics of the angry, shouting-people-down kind

    I think Tom Martin is quite good. The list of discrimination against men at 5:00 is rather effective, don’t you think? (no doubt we could add to the list, too) I think a list like that should be put up online and we could just link to it in debates with the sisterhood. “Argue with that!”

    (UPDATE – here it is:

    It could go along with the ‘hateful quotes from feminists’ link:
    …as a quick reference.

  4. Henry says:

    On the other hand we see today that when it comes to defending mens rights, whereas men like Tom Martin are ignored and never published or taken seriously, many women are taking the father’s side.

    Some will say that men haven’t been standing up for fathers, it is just women, but I think that isn’t true. What actually happens is that men who talk about fathers rights are ignored by the press.

    Tom is not specifically talking about that issue, but I don’t see any of the main papers taking his story seriously…or Fathers for Justice

  5. […] ‘Tom Martin might disagree with you. […]

  6. […] ‘Tom Martin might disagree with you. […]

  7. Don Bridges says:

    Thank goodness we finally have a man brave enough to speak out and actually DO something profound to help men and boys. After decades of ridiculous silence, it is about time!

    Support him. I have and will continue. Men, we had better stick together!

    I disagree with the above comment that, “men HAVE been speaking out, but not getting heard in the media.” The truth is, if men had already spoken loud enough, long enough, and hard enough, their messages would have gotten out into mainstream media long before now. Thus, men have not been forceful enough but instead have been hiding in the shadows waiting for someone else to be the guinea pig. We need leaders, not followers.

    You know, there are always marches, videos, joining the marriage strike, making websites, writing and reading books, being truthful to ourselves and to women, and now lawsuits. Men should let this lawsuit light a fire under their own butts. If men lose the case, demand to know why; Let it snowball into something monumental. Take to the streets with peaceful protests. The time is drawing near, men, to grow a set again and fight with all we have got—no matter what it costs us. Period. Fembots will chew up and spit out weak men and anyone else who is not REALLY serious about winning, let us place them on the defensive and spend their money for them instead of letting them have it all to brainwash naive and hateful women as well as weak men, traitorous men.

    I leave you with this: By default, manhood requires males to 1) not to lose their bearings over women, regardless…, and 2) to defend their own gender— else have their base as human males and persons eroded, leaving them with anything BUT manhood. Don’t kid yourselves!

    Thank you.

  8. William S says:

    Tom Martin just had his case thrown out of court.

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