The Daily Mail got a bit hot under the collar today as Jorgie Porter (who?) performed her dancing on ice routine in a ‘racy PVC leather outfit’.

But the DM didn’t mention that her partner, a buff metrosexy man, also performed in a ‘racy PVC leather outfit’ and maybe even looked better than she did. They both out -danced and out- styled their opponents who frankly in their silver slinky numbers looked a bit like ABBA  tribute band rejects.

Of course, ice skating has always been pretty damned flamboyant. But, as Mark Simpson pointed out early in 2010, young men ice dancers such as Johnny Weir have really changed the playing field when it comes to showing off and looking good on ice.


As Simpson said back in 2010:

‘I think this kind of performance shows what fearsome things today’s generation of young men are capable of.  Flamboyance can be a very powerful, very liberating quality and doesn’t have to be something just for flamers.  Or Lady G.

I wish I were capable of it.  But I I’d probably have to have Weir’s figure, not to mention his youth, to pull it off.  That and a hefty pair of cojones.’

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