Metrosexy Soldiers: Again!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Masculinities, metrosexuality, Metrosexy
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Remember the LMFAO ‘Sexy and I Know It?’ hit of 2011? I have seen a few amateur videos of metrosexy young lads re-enacting it. So it was only a matter of time before the armed forces got in on the act. Why should they miss out on all the fun?

Actually this rather bitter Guardian article explains that soldiers should not be allowed to take part in Metrosexy culture with us civvies but I disagree strongly:

And so do these metrotastic navy cadets:

However I don’t think any of the videos I have seen quite reach the Metrosexy heights of the original so here it is one more time:


h/t @lawrencejgreen for the original LMFAO video

  1. Lawrence says:

    Haha great videos, though only one solitary speedo in both. This song (and band) are particularly interesting because almost everything they do is meme worthy.

    I’ve seen pictures of dogs with the I’m sexy and I know it tag used.

    Their other big song (the one which goes ‘everyday i’m shuffling’) has had a similar response, though not in such a metrosexy way –

    And to think the guardian only gave their album one star.

    Perhaps it’s because they are slightly ridiculous. It’s easy to have fun with the songs, and we all know it’s not gay if everyone’s laughing.

  2. Jim says:

    At Westpoint (our Sandhurst) the cadets used to have a nickiname for Speedos, which they had to wear for mandatory swimming training and which they hated. They have their own jargon for everything. They called Speedos “banana hammocks”. It was sexually aggressive, dismissive and euphonic all at the same time.

    • Lawrence says:

      I’ve never thought of a banana or a hammock as sexually aggressive, Together or apart. Seems to me sexually neutering if anything (which is possibly how they felt). Was it in like the way they said it or the context it was used in? Definitely euphonic though.

      • Jim says:

        Oh it was certainly an aggressive enough reference to run you afoul of seuxal harrassment guideleines – reference to the evil penis and all. That was one thing that recommended it.

        Euphonic – I remembered afterwards that the established form for that is “euphonious” but it is, um, not as euphonious as euphonic is, so it loses. There is a derivational model evolving in English that forms compounds requiring either assonance or alliteration. There are lots and lots by now, and I don’t remember very many from before about 1970.

  3. Ive just read a book about soldiers some of whom were at West Point, and homosexuality in the army. It was fascinating, and they did seem quite obsessed with dick, but I didn’t read about any banana hammocks!

    • Jim says:

      Very little of that slang makes it into print. And it is all quite balkanized, so even if some does get documented, lots of other slang will not.There is cadet slang and officer slang and various sub-cultures of enlisted slang. For instance the tankers refer to the infantry as “crunchies” and most infantry guys never hear it. I doubt that many Air Force peeps are aware that the Army calls them “wingnuts”.

      However some does travel, and sometimes widely. “Crispy critters” which originally was the name of a breakfast cereal in the 60s, became the slang term for Vietnamese civilians (morbid irony is always good for a laugh if you are morbid enough) who had been hit in napalm attacks, and then recently I saw it show up as doctor slang for burn victims.

  4. For purely personal reasons I want to see an Israeli army version. Please alert me immediately if you come across one.

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