Write Less, Listen More

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Freedom of Speech, Identity
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Write Less, Listen More is a piece of advice given by Megan Morgenson, to people who write about sex work without having much or any experience of actually doing it. Her post here is really worth a read:


It was in response to a piece at Freedom In A Puritan Age here:


The ‘twitter friend’ Megan mentions in her post, who had her comments deleted at FIPA Journal is me!

I find it interesting that there is quite  a heated debate in the comments section, and yet my comments were deemed ‘inappropriate’ for their publication.

  1. Jared says:

    Having watched the video the personalities seemed to be split three ways between normal folks, kick arse folks, and precious entitled little snowflakes. The linked blog post was good though.

  2. Jared says:

    “though” in this case should not be interpreted as me implying that the video was bad 😉

  3. Lawrence says:

    http://www.ukpornpodcast.co.uk I saw this site the other week when I was looking for people talking about the UK porn industry.

    It’s a podcast hosted by a (male) porn producer/performer talking to the girls who he does scenes with. Each episode is about an hour long (I confess, i’ve never listened to a full one cuz i found them a bit boring :/). They talk about the industry and the scenes and stuff. Seems quite honest about a lot of things (it’s cirtainly critical as well as appraising of the industry and work – not just an andvertising tool). So yeah, might be of interest.

  4. P.s. It’s always instructive when accounts of sex/porn turn out to be boring!

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