Short People

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Freedom of Speech, Identity, Racism
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I watched this great video recently, by two performance poets, about being short men.

I am a relatively tall woman, and I have to admit to having a prejudice, not against short men per se, but against dating them. And that is enough of a prejudice to count.

In his brilliant satirical way, Randy Newman wrote a song, ostensibly about ‘short people’, that is actually a very clever comment on prejudice in general.

It reminded me of a conversation I had over at Heresy Corner blog, about a bunch of students winning a case where their imagery for their society was being threatened with censorship by Muslim groups.

The discussion made me think. Which is still, even in this facebook age, a good thing!

Update: the president of the (atheist) society in question has just resigned!

  1. Heresiarch says:

    Is it a prejudice? Or merely a preference?

    There’s no accounting for taste, sexually speaking. If short men don’t do it for you, then what are you going to do about it? Force yourself to have unsatisfying relationships with short men, so you can tell yourself you’re combatting prejudice? Feel guilty? Don’t be silly. It’s not a prejudice. Besides, perhaps you just haven’t met the right short man yet. Or are you telling me you’d refuse to go out with a short man whose pants you fancied off, just because he was short?

    • I think maybe I fit somewhere between ‘preference’ and ‘prejudice’. I think I have actually blocked out short people from my sights. I noticed the guy on the right in the top video I find quite attractive, but that was only after accepting that he was critiquing people like me and our ‘preference’ for taller men.

      I don’t know. It made me think!

      There is a brilliant film called the Station Agent featuring a quite well known actor who is a dwarf (can’t remember his name). It’s partly about him being an ‘object of desire’ it’s really interesting.

  2. QRG: How short is short? Back in my dating days I never heard anything about it from any women that weren’t at least 3-4 inches taller than me. The second last girl I dated was almost 6 feet tall, I didn’t notice until she put on heels, and then she was like a head taller than me!

    I’m around 5’9″ (169-170 cm I think) and was the shortest kid in my class until I was almost 15 and grew 9 inches. Personally I don’t think its wrong to have some height criteria, I just can’t stand women who only like men that are 6’1″ or taller (duh, that eliminates almost all of us).

    • hi well I’m a bit over 5 foot 8 so I have tended to go for men taller than that and usually about five ten or so.

      But I am reconsidering my silly ‘rules’!

      • My mother once told me that the best physical compatibility she had with a boyfriend was a guy the exact same height. Naturally because that was TMI it stuck with me. I have discovered that kissing and other things do not hurt the neck as much when you are of a height with each other. (I know a guy that is 14-15 inches taller than his wife and can’t help but have comical thoughts about them having sex)

  3. hahaha,

    you can have your criteria, I’ll have mine…

    no women who weigh more than me-and in the USA, you’d be surprised on how many that do….

    no misandrists-that’ll eliminate 89.362% of Feminists and I’ve grown a little facial hair just to make sure Amanda Marcotte stays far away…

    no single moms-I know I might seem nicer than the guy who gave her Jr. but she doesn’t think I’m as handsome or as “edgey,” so she’s just interested in what I can provide. Nope, I don’t have chump written on my forehead, nor do I have kids running around that I’m not providing for….


    It’s unlikely that I’ll get married but if I did, she would have to have more money than me and be better looking–I can have my male hypergamy!!! Prefferably be younger and a good cook-I love chicken pho and chicken masala,curry too…. A pre-nup would be essential…


    As far as the hating on the shorty guys, I’m sure Bruce Lee left his ladies very satisfied and he could kick anyone’s ass…. He was only 5’3 or something to boot….

  4. well, I understand someone might tell me my “criteria” is silly and I might be missing out on a great woman….

    what I’ve written was partially parody of things I’ve seen women (sometimes Feminists say they want in a man.) Also part of it is what I’ve learned to “protect” myself against the unequal marriage laws in the US….

    I did a little write up here…

    I’m just waiting to be called a misogynist…..

    (and, yup, I also realize having a strict set of criteria is one way to keep yourself out of a relationship and allot of times people miss things in their lists about being a generally decent person and putt more “superficial” things up there….)

  5. elissa says:

    The thing with criteria is that it’s sometimes hard to tell if they are your own or of some other people. Nobody likes feeling programmed, whether they actually are or not. The fear is that we would overlook important things hidden behind criteria. I’m not sure if that fear is real, as in true, or if it’s more a romantic longing for a some human essence.

    So a short guy, a rabbi and a baker walk into a bar.

    The bartender says: “What is this, a joke?”

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