Metrosexual Football Journalism

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Masculinities, metrosexuality
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I spend a lot of time looking for references to metrosexuality. Often the subject matter is covered but the ‘m’ word is hardly used. In the Guardian for example, there were only 35 references to ‘metrosexual’ in the whole of 2011, the lowest number since 2004.

One place that metrosexual masculinity is really grasped, though, is in sports journalism. Partly because it has been in sports and sports ‘branding’ that metro men have really come into their own.  Sporno has meant that top sports men have been such tarts in advertising and promotional work that the media have been unable to ignore the shift. And metrosexual icons such as Ronaldo , Henson and Becks have brought their fashion style and narcissism off the billboards and onto the pitch.

This extract from an otherwise incomprehensible piece (to me) is metro-tastic:

‘The multi-stranded revenue stream known as “David Beckham” may stay at the LA Galaxy after all despite assorted hoopla about a move to France. Beckham has decided he “does not want to uproot his wife Victoria”. The Mill would have thought it would have actually been quite easy. Simply take a firm grasp with both hands. Bend your knees a couple of times. Wrench slowly backwards and hurl triumphantly over your left shoulder.

Mick McCarthy wants to buy Nicky Maynard from Bristol City for £1m. City are holding out for £2.5m, 36 leftover supermarket mince pies and a long passionate video-aided discussion about tackling and the British game and why the familiar safe old world of men – real men, who roar and eat tree bark and don’t shave their chests – is under threat from EU tackling directives that threaten our very way of life.’

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  2. […] but somehow sports journalists are unable to avoid either for any length of time. As I have written recently at […]

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