Naked Metrosexuality

Posted: January 2, 2012 in homosexuality, Masculinities, metrosexuality
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Queerty an American (supergay) website, has reported on a new phenomenon – naked gyms. In Australia, London and NYC it is apparently planned for some gyms to offer  ‘clothing optional’ sessions and/or spaces for men.

As Queerty point out, the idea itself is not new at all. Ever since Greek and Roman times men have been going to gymnasia in their altogether. In fact, the word ‘gym’ itself comes from the Greek ‘gymnos’ which actually means ‘naked’.

More recently, as queerty say, this has been the preserve of men looking for homosex. But even gay bath houses have been less popular in recent years as sex has become more privatised, and homosexuals have become more ‘straight’.

So far people have ‘expressed concern about hygiene’ but the man promoting the idea says  ‘it should be no different to a regular gym. You have to work out with a towel on the equipment already so it will be no less safe.’

Queerty’s response is a mixture of gay giggling – what, straight men naked and buff all in one room, oo er – and puritanism:  ‘we’re not sure we’d find the aesthetics all that pleasing. You really want to be standing behind someone doing squat thrusts with no pants on?’.

I of course think this is all about metrosexuality. Men are becoming so used to showing off their bodies to each other, why not make it that little bit easier? There is a homo-sex undertone, as there was with the Bromance app, but I think that is a side-effect, not the main issue.

The main issue being rampant, shameless, naked self-love.

I hope these gyms have plenty of mirrors.



thanks to @mattlodder for the info on ‘gymnos’ :


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