QRG Awards 2011 – THE WINNERS

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Writing

Happy New Year everyone

After a lot of agonising, I have chosen the winners of the QRG Awards 2011. The quality of writing was so high I really didn’t know what to do! In order to give some brilliant writers a gong, and to showcase their best work,  I scrapped the blogpost category and expanded the book one. So now the awards are for:

Best Book – Fiction

Best Book – Non-Fiction

Writer of the year 2011.

So without further ado here are the winners!

BEST BOOK (FICTION) – London Triptych by Jonathan Kemp.

This brilliant debut novel creates a unique atmosphere, and brings to life characters that are so real they jump out of the pages and into your imagination. The book interweaves three stories of men who live in three very different eras: the 1890s, the 1950s and the 1990s. London Triptych was shortlisted for the Polari Prize for ‘queer’ writing. But I think it is a worthy winner of any fiction prize. Read it and be dazzled!

BEST BOOK (Non Fiction) Metrosexy By Mark Simpson.

Regular QRG readers won’t be surprised to see this on the list, as I refer to it often in my work. But it still had to fight for its place, not least because Mr Simpson released his 1994 classic, Male Impersonators on kindle this year, which I love. But Metrosexy sums up our current era so brilliantly, and its title has become shorthand for contemporary masculinity, and a blog that I dedicate to the themes of the book. So it wins out of sheer relevance and because it is ‘such a tart’.

Writer of the year 2011: Penny Goring

The first tweet I saw on twitter this morning, my first of the year 2012 was this:

Followed by:

This illustrates why she is my writer of the year 2011- because she is always writing. It doesn’t matter the medium, she will be there, painting surreal pictures and shoving weird and wonderful words in our faces. Her book of prose/poetry The Zoom Zoom was a serious contender for book of the year, and remains one of my favourites. A unique talent that really, really should get more exposure, and have more readers.


I was disappointed that they couldn’t all be winners but I thought the prizes would be more meaningful if they were kept to a minimum. So the writers that should have won, were:

Elliott Deline, whose debut ‘novoir’ Refuse remains one of my favourite books of the year.

Marc Horne – his sci fi surreal epic, Automatic Assassin stayed with me long after I finished reading

And Dan Holloway without whom I wouldn’t know some of these writers. His skills as a finder of talent and promoter of writers and publisher of books are unparalleled.

  1. danholloway says:

    An absolute huzzah for Pen. One of a kind doesn’t begin to do her uniqueness and inspirationality justice

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