Man With A Pussy

Posted: December 19, 2011 in androgyny, Masculinities
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Stuart Warwick has today released the video for his latest song: Man With A Pussy. Featuring the amazing David Hoyle it is a rare work of art amidst all the Christmas tat. The song, about a man, with transexual undertones, reminds me of a piece I featured on the Fauxmos blog ages ago: Today I Am by Monmouth. He wrote: ‘A Y-chromosome is no excuse for not having a pussy. Yes, I know, the mirror doesn’t lie. Nevertheless, it’s a feeble, literal-minded gesture to unzip and with trembling fingers point to a full-grown cock nesting comfortably on a bed of balls and pubes. Hello! There you are, my snake, my drill, my hammer… The vocabulary of insecure boys is brimful of power drills and lethal weapons lurking beneath every bulging crotch. What is pussy-like about this lovely, smooth-skinned cock, this beast that has so often sparked up at the mere fragrance of its female counterpart? Let’s unzip and take a look. Growing erect, free of his denim prison he unfurls, hardens, rises to the stroking teasing of a finger. Hard and agonizingly sensitive, he’s a funny monster—ven in the passionate folds of a tightly clenching vagina he sometimes becomes overstimulated, the moist ecstasy tipping over into pain for a moment. Even there, while I stroke this hard boner, she’s in there. Right there under my skin curled around every cell in my body, the sturdy X embracing her spindly brother Y.’

  1. marc2020 says:

    Wow that’s a haunting tune and you’re right the imagery is very striking gonna have to learn more about Stuart Warwick.

    Really loved that you linked back to the Fauxmo blog as I still read those old posts whenever the stress of living in this stiflingly gendered world gets to me and I need some major cheering up. Reminds of the kind of stuff I want to write about. Sorry that was a bit weepy I think the seasons getting to me a bit but its the truth.

    • Hi Marc thanks it’s lovely isn’t it? Do check out Stuart’s website.

      Thanks for visiting fauxmos I’m proud of that project. It’s a shame it didn’t go on longer, but organising fauxmos is like herding cats 😀

      I am not a fan of this time of year particularly. Come over to QRGHQ and be weepy anytime!

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