QRG Awards 2011 – Your Nominations Please!

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Writing


Last year I did a QRG Blogpost of the year award, with two categories, beauty and truth.

This year I am expanding the prestigious award to include the following prizes:

Blogpost of the year (any subject/style)

My nominees for bloggers (don’t know which posts yet) Rachel Rabbit White, Heresy Corner, Law and Sexuality, Mark Simpson

Book of the year (any subject/genre/fiction/poetry/nonfiction/kindle books/paper books/anything)

Zoom Zoom- Penny Goring

Male Impersonators/Metrosexy – Mark Simpson

Automatic Assassin – Marc Horne

Writer of the year (any subject/genre/style)

Penny Goring, Marc Horne, Mark Simpson, Dan Holloway

The deadline for nominations is midnight, 31st December 2011. I will announce the winner in early January 2012.

Tell me your nominations in the comments.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Blogpost: tbh I find it difficult to remember blogposts, apart from my own that is 😉 . Well, okay, this post by Julia Serano was pretty good I thought: http://juliaserano.blogspot.com/2011/09/transsexual-versus-transgender.html

    Book: “Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme” – ed. Ivan Coyote & Zena Sharman (Arsenal Pulp Press 2011)

    Writer: Jon-Jon Goulian (author of “The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt”)

  2. Quiet Riot Girl,

    I don’t think this is nomination worthy, but David Futrelle (mis)quoted me….


  3. elissa says:

    I would like to nominate this blog post – for the wacky-wacky award.

    Hope such an award exists!


    • well it could but I wouldn’t give it to feminist bloggers they don’t deserve the airplay!

      I saw an ‘expose’ of some of those women in the radfemhub but I didn’t write about it as it was on a MRA site, and it included names and personal details. also like stoner I just don’t want to get into this feminist v mRA war.

  4. danholloway says:


    I see you have the wonderful Penny already on the list 🙂 I would have to add a nomination for Stuart Estell’s Verruca Music for book of the year – a truly magical book that captures the rhythms of the everyday triumphs and tragedies of life on an epic scale with its hilarious, terrifying, heartwarming tale of a man combating depression by picking his feet.

  5. danholloway says:

    You’ll adore it. Stuart is going to perform the whole thing, live, to music at Not the Oxford Literary Festival in March.

    Done a lot of thinking about best writer, and one guy shines out. I don’t know if you know him but if you don’t, go and seek out everything by Andy Harrod (@decodingstatic) http://decodingstatic.blogspot.com/
    This interview I did with him will give you a flavour
    If I had to sum up his work I’d call it audio-visual minimalist damaged urban vignettes. So simple, but it tears you in half from the inside out

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  7. Oneditorial says:

    Blogpost of the year: Biblioklept; http://biblioklept.org/

    Book of the year: Saul Bellow: Letters, edited by Benjamin Taylor. It was published last year, but I bought it in 2011.

    Writer of the year: Even though 1Q84 is probably one of the quasi-disappointing novels of

    the year, Haruki Murakami is still one of the most talked about writers in 2011.

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