Andrej Pejic And The Gender Revolution

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Fashion, Masculinities, Metrosexual Murderers, metrosexuality
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I have made my debut at the wonderful website Science Of The Time, where I have written about Andre Pejic and a campaign advertising women’s lingerie:

What it is:
Andrej Pejic, if not quite yet a household name, is definitely well known as a beautiful androgynous model, and for modelling both men’s and women’s clothes. But his most recent campaign, for the Dutch chain HEMA (as Dutch as it can get), has got people talking again. Pejic is modelling push-up bra’s (add 2 cup sizes!) and other pieces of women’s clothing. In the popular British newspaper, The Mirror, Pejic’s agent Joseph Tenni was reported as saying:

 “It’s revolutionary. I’ve never known a man to do a womens’ lingerie campaign before”.

This shows two things: first that we are all getting used to the idea of a model crossing the border between ‘men’ and ‘women’, ‘masculine’ ‘feminine’ in these modern metrosexual times. But second, that a man modelling women’s underwear, is maybe one step beyond acceptable. It’s ‘revolutionary’.

Influenced by the work of Mark Simpson, father of metrosexuality (1994) and a keen trend watcher in the areas of fashion, advertising and men’s display of their bodies, I have commented about reactions towards Pejic before. I noticed that while journalists were prepared to call him ‘pretty’ or even a ‘beautiful boy’, they could not fully embrace the idea of male beauty and call Pejic what he is: a beautiful man.

Why It’s Cool:
Now the beautiful Pejic is wearing women’s lingerie and looking better in it than many women do. He is challenging our understanding of what makes a man (or a woman) altogether. The irony being that whilst we find it hard to imagine a man modelling women’s bras,  men’s tits are actually getting bigger every day and replacing women’s as a sign of ‘sexiness’.

We are living in what Simpson has called Transexy Times. And before long the ‘revolutionary’ and  very cool Pejic will probably seem normal to everyone.

Campaign by Doom & Dickson


  1. Steph D says:

    He is a very pretty beutiful man. Also I approve of pretty men in dresses and handsome women in suits.

  2. Caroline Farrow says:

    I may well be missing the point, but he looks like a beautiful girl, not a man, surely that’s why he’s so successful? His maleness gives him edge and makes this campaign the cutting edge of cool, but were there any manifest signs of masculinity would he have been selected?

    Men’s tits sexier than women’s? Not in the vast majority of cases and most men don’t look this sexy or beautiful in such a feminine way.

    • Steph D says:

      I dont know I used to have a big thing for Brian Malko who I find to also be beautiful. However it is all just a matter of taste.

      I also remember joking about which member of Hanson was a boy.

    • Hi Caroline – I agree, not many men, or women could pull off the looks Pejic does.

      If you look at a selection of photos of Pejic he doesn’t always look ‘feminine’ he is genuinely versatile with his gender presentation. That’s why he’s ‘cool’ to me.

      As you know I got the ‘men’s tits the symbol of sexy’ from Mark Simpson. I find imagery of men sexier than women on the whole. It is subjective to a degree but Simpson meant that men’s tits are *sold* more as sexy than women’s, e.g. on strictly come dancing, the bachelor, Big Brother, TOWIE etc etc.

      • Steph D says:

        Also there seems to be an obsession about hairless men breasts almost like thay are deliberately trying to display them exactly like womens breasts.

    • Ginkgo says:

      “Men’s tits sexier than women’s?”

      Absolutely they are! For one thing they are far likelier to have a hot, sexy layer of hair on them.

    • Jim says:

      “Men’s tits sexier than women’s? ”

      They absolutely are! For one thing they are far likelier to have that sexy layer of hair over them.

  3. Steph D says:

    Oh wow that is hot. Erm, I feel like well em nevermind. Does he have a photo collection for sale? for research, yes research. Is it wrong that that picture made my heart beat a little faster?

    Oh I feel old now.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Yes, lovely photos 🙂

    Although: they’re a bit dodgy from a trade-description point of view – i.e. in trying to sell a push-up bra – because the push-up effect in the second photo is probably created more by the use of his arms than the bra itself.

  5. I think it’s all a rather an awesome tell that the type of beauty being worshipped there was never very feminine in the first place. Thin, tall, broad shouldered- I think most of those would be considered antonyms for feminine beauty. In some of my less eloquent moments I’ve lamented that if it wasn’t for rap videos, beer commercials, soft-core porn, lad mags, and car shows (you know, male focused entertainment) hot women wouldn’t be able to find work.

    Male models seem to run the gambit from androgyne to underfed athlete at least but women… even the plus-size models seem to be just that – stockier versions of the towering hard-cornered ladies, and waifish little girl-women that get used for most ‘socially’ targetted media.

    • HI Jay I think you are making a great point. But I don’t understand it?!

      any chance you could say it slightly different I’m a bit slow today…?

      😀 QRG

      • Well, to put it another way- I’m not surprised they could find a man who passes for a female supermodel as I think most female supermodels look more than a little androgynous. I think the standard excuse is that body fat interferes with the clothes and the clothes display better over long bodies. I also hear a lot of bitter suggestions regarding all fashion designers being gay men or straight women.

        Mainstream actresses aren’t nearly so bad, but casting directors seem to have a thing for height, broad shoulders, strong jaws, high cheekbones- It’s a look, but it’s a look that’s overdone and doesn’t seem stereotypically female to me.

  6. elissa says:

    I think he’s talking about me and my curves…

    Off the rack models – take away the prancing and runway confidence and you’re left with a waif scarecrow.

    Andre does have a beautiful mouth, I must say….. Bitch!

  7. tu quoque says:

    What bores me about Andre is that he’s not androgynous at all. He never looks masculine. Not even slightly. He’s famous because he’s safe; he looks exactly like a conventional female model, but the almost pointless fact of his having a penis makes for a decent marketing gimmick. Lara Stone looks more masculine in a suit and is probably a better example of modern gender fluidity.

    Why are androgynous males still on the bottom of the totem pole in the modeling industry when supposedly they’re the ideal the industry’s trying to mold women into?

  8. I’m fairly certain that men modelling, say, tights, has been common for a very long time because, well, men’s legs are better.

  9. Tim says:

    Right now he and the likes of him are considered a curiosity and safe and a sign of revolution.
    But I wonder what happens if a lot more of metro dudes start to flock to modelling and getting their little metrosexual phreak out. I am pretty sure that metrosexy would take preference over ‘just sexy’* and sooner than later people like Andre Pejiic will be a threat to established modelling and fashion norms.

    *I am not saying that metrosexy is preferable over sexy people, just that metrosexy has a wider spaning audience. Everybody seems to be into metro these days, gay men, straight women and even straight men want to see it!

    • Hi Tim I must be slow today because like Jay you have made a fascinating point but I don’t know if I quite get it. : S

      But from what you’re saying I think this relates – loads of male models are ‘metrosexy’ I’d say. As Mark Simpson has written about men’s bodies on display are becoming very ‘tarty’ and ‘passive’ which is normally how women models are presented. But I think Pejic stands out because he so openly embraces the ‘feminine’ aspect that is common to all models. He is not in denial so when we look at him, we can’t be in denial either. About metrosexy men and their tarty feminine displays.

  10. great comments everyone – you’ve rather overtaken me in the analysis stakes here!


  11. Schala says:

    I’m not sure I see the broad shoulders that Jay Generally saw on Andrej.

    I personally have like shoulders, not large at all. About as large as my hips’ bones (before fat). I can’t be sure why they never got larger during puberty, but I sure am not complaining.

    I gained fat now, went from 110 lbs (pretty skinny and bony) to 155 lbs (fleshy in places that used to be bony, and with a small tummy, a “real ass”, some thighs and somewhat bigger breasts). Now my hips look noticeably bigger than my shoulders, because I don’t have upper-body muscles developed at all (never have), but have fat down there.

    • Part of it is slick photographry, Schala. In the left photograph, Andrej looks directly at the camera, giving us the immediate illusion of a full front view, and they’ve had him drape the ‘away’ arm forward, enhancing that illusion, but his body is turned in a 3/4 view which will shorten the shoulder’s a bit with foreshortening. He also leans his head towards the near shoulder (which while not a wider shoulder, will look bigger because it it closer) just slightly, causing us to judge size by a comparison of that shoulder and his head, leaving the far shoulder isolated, so we won’t see it as small. His hair has also been tousled for the shot, increasing the size of his head in comparison to both shoulders. As an added bonus for the 3/4 view disguised as a frontal view: when he cocks his hip, it will also be bigger and curvier because we are seeing a fair portion of his ass, but again it will immediately show as a woman pushing her curvy hip to the side because humans tend to judge other humans face first and the fill in the blanks.

      The other thing- he’s coming at his shoulder size from the other direction. He doesn’t necessarily have broad shoulders for a man, but for a woman. Just like your standard supermodel.

      • Er, and like QRG says, slick modeling. I shouldn’t just remove Andrej’s skill in adopting the pose and only credit the photographer.

      • Schala says:

        “He doesn’t necessarily have broad shoulders for a man, but for a woman. Just like your standard supermodel.”

        And that’s still where I disagree. When I compare his hips to his shoulders, his shoulders are not big. That’s the standard, it’s always “in comparison to”, because a 5’0″ woman is likely to have smaller limbs and smaller bones, but the same proportion of those things than a 5’6″ or 6’0″ woman.

        My mother thought I had “big shoulders for a woman”, but if she’s comparing her 5’2″ form to my 5’6½” form, that might just be, you know, that – and not my having ‘big shoulders’. She has some slightly more hip bones than me, while generally having little hips total (she is petite, like me, bone-wise).

        In the black dress shot I compare the head-without-hair counted against the shoulders width.

        This is nowhere near footballer shoulders. It’s simply not big at all.

  12. Schala says:

    Oh and I’m 5’6″ (not tall at all), but I have this elongated looks to me because my legs are noticeably longer than my torso and my arms are long, too. While some might say it’s more common in men, it’s still the “wanted” look for women.

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