Come At Me Bro- More On The Bromance App

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Masculinities, metrosexuality
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Since I last wrote about the new ‘Bromance’ app where bros can hook up for ‘mandates’ there have been some more articles about it. This piece in The Guardian, apart from a reference to ‘gay sex’ and the weird idea that friends are not as important as family, is quite interesting. It even refers to some negative reactions to Bromance . com from ‘bros’ themselves.

My comment beneath the article at Cif reads:

‘I’m not surprised the author didn’t mention metrosexuality. Metrosexuality is the big unmentioned phenomenon in contemporary masculinity today.

Yes it relates to marketing and advertising, but advertising has changed masculinity and reflects the change back. I refer you to the work of Mark Simpson who coined the phrase in 1994.

This piece was interesting and I agree that ‘bromance’ hides the sexual element in men’s relationships with each other. But friends can be as important as family. Many people don’t get along with family members but have close friends. Men’s friendships have been ‘repackaged’ to cover up but also refer to changing norms in terms of men’s intimacies e.g. kissing, hugging, having cups of coffee together, not just waiting till they are hammered before they become physically close.

I think the Bromance app is interesting as it cuts across the ‘gay’ /’straight’ divide. Maybe some bros will actually get it on as a result. And why ever not?’

This discussion at Mark Simpson’s blog about ‘bro’ and ‘bromance’ under a post about Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow’s famous ‘bromance’ is also worth a loook:


And finally, apparently the ‘Come At Me’ bro Facebook group has over 200,000 followers! I wonder if any of them will use Bromance…

  1. typhonblue says:

    “I think the Bromance app is interesting as it cuts across the ‘gay’ /’straight’ divide. Maybe some bros will actually get it on as a result. And why ever not?’”

    Yes. Why ever not.

    *steeples fingers* Excellent.

  2. As the co-founder of Bromance I’ve personally heard a lot of remarks and responses given to us from readers of various articles, including this blog. Unfortunately it seems that our name isn’t targeting the audience we intended to target and instead people are attaching Bromance to gay hook-ups.

    I’m assuming a name change would help all of you feel more comfortable about such a mobile application?

    We have big changes coming up before our January launch. If you have questions, comments, or the continuous inquiries about our target goal of the application feel free to email me at any time:

    • HI Brayden thanks for the comment. I don’t mind ‘Bromance’ as a name but then I don’t mind ‘straight’ men getting it on with each other! But yes maybe your name doesn’t quite convey what you are trying to convey.

  3. […] idea whether it will be pop­u­lar or not, but the gay­ist and bro-ist scorn which greeted the  Bromanceapp seems to be pre­cisely down to the way it might facil­i­tate new kinds of pla­tonic […]

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