If You’re Feeling Sinister

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Morrissey, Writing
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‘Hilary went to her death because she couldn’t think of anything to say
Everybody thought that she was boring, so they never listened anyway
Nobody was really saying anything of interest, she fell asleep
She was into S&M and bible studies
Not everyone’s cup of tea she would admit to me
Her cup of tea, she would admit to no one’

– Belle and Sebastian


I love this song (see above) by Belle and Sebastian ‘If you’re feeling sinister’, because it satirises that self-absorbed, ‘gothic’ attitude that characterises Morrissey and his fans. Why don’t you just get over yourself it seems to be asking. Well, because then we wouldn’t have such gems as Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now or I Am Hated For Loving.



  1. Jonathan says:

    “But, now I have finally read the whole of Simpson’s oeuvre, I realise that Saint Moz is my least favourite.”

    I’d probably say the same thing, but I’ve not read Saint Moz at all. I just think: Morrissey? Bah.

    • I felt surrounded by Morrissey in the 80s and early 90s as a teen/young adult so he is part of my formative years. But yes, nowadays I can’t be bothered with him!

      Incidentally – you know Mark was going to re-release Male Impersonators. If it comes up on his blog do encourage him to do so. He doesn’t listen to me anymore. But it’s such an important book I really hope he brings it out as an ebook.


  2. […] is no stranger to the quagmire or the wonder of biography – for his most well known book Saint Morrissey  is a ‘psycho bio’ of Morrissey. So he will understand, if not endorse my […]

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