Girls, Girls, Girls!

Posted: December 2, 2011 in metrosexuality, Metrosexy
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According to Queerty, this is the ‘manliest man in the UK’ at the moment.


Apart from the pinup girl pose (with a nod to Picasso)*, the ‘manliness’ that the model -whoever he is- is trying to convey is partly signified by his hairiness. But  hairy men, especially the ones who make a meal out of how ‘manly’ their bear** look is, are just as metrosexual as any twink*** out there.

Keep trying fellas, the ‘m’ word will always catch you in the end!

* Les Demoiselles D’Avignon by Picasso sent to me by @Bat020

**Bear – term used usually amongst gay men to describe hairy, bearded men.

***twink – term used again amongst gay men to describe young, often hairless (on chest, pubes etc) men.

  1. redpesto says:

    Very John Berger

  2. I think Bettie Page would take him in a fight.

  3. Ginkgo says:

    “But Mark Simpson has already told us that hairy men, especially the ones who make a meal out of how ‘manly’ their bear** look is, are just as metrosexual as any twink*** out there.”

    If not more. After all who wants to look at twinks anyway, man or woman? Besides – this guy? Amanda Marcotte and her like-minded sisters think beards or stubble are icky. So maybe it’s not them he’s displaying for.

  4. Jay Generally says:

    Mmm, Bettie! :>

    Fantastic catch on the visual comparison, QRG. If anything they ought to abandone the pretense of the not very casual pose. I’ve seen a lot of these: ‘Oh hey, you just happened to catch me sort of naked and just hanging in out in a weird pose that well presents my physique. I’ll stare at you now.” See, to me Betty looks like she’s able to play with the camera more. I hope they ditch the charade and go full on pin-up flirt for dudees some day. I think folks will have more fun.

  5. tu quoque says:

    It’s well-known in art history that contrapposto, a pose that now signifies feminine grace, was once only used for representations of men.

    I think the pose the GT model and Betty Paige doesn’t really signify gender. It’s one of those common go-to poses because it gives the body a nice flow.

    I think overuse of the term “metrosexual” is making it practically meaningless. Everyone like to be looked at, so as a category, it’s not useful. What we should now consider is that one can be manly/masculine and still desire the desire of others.

  6. tu quoque says:

    It should be pointed out that, despite the similarity of the poses, there are nuances that GT guy and Betty express that conform them to their gender. One, GT guy is looking directly at the viewer, while Betty is casting a sidelong glance. Betty’s mouth is open, while GT guy’s is tight. Also, Betty has her right hand on her hip, where GT guy’s right hand is clearly extended out further.

  7. Hi ajay – overuse? The only place the term ‘metrosexual’ could be even accused of being overused is on my blog or Mark Simpson’s.

    The term was coined in 1994 by Simpson but did not get into the common vocabulary until 2003-4.

    So it has only been ‘used’ at all in the last 7-8 years. It’s *new* as a concept historically speaking.

  8. tu quoque says:

    “So it has only been ‘used’ at all in the last 7-8 years. It’s *new* as a concept historically speaking.”

    This is the internet age. Terms can become overused in the span of a week.

    And I wasn’t referring to frequency; I was referring to scope. If everyone loves being looked at, then this narcissistic impulse really doesn’t say much about a man’s masculinity.

  9. […] Here is a photograph taken in the mirror by a contestant on American Idol, apparently, making reality TV and individuals’ self-loving photography  merge in a postmodern mash up. I like the way the edge of the mirror serves as a frame within the frame of the image. And I like the way he puts his hand behind his head in a famous pin up pose. […]

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