Benetton’s Metrosmoochers

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Masculinities, metrosexuality, Metrosexy
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Benetton, known for their ‘risque’ adverts, have taken the Metrosexual Bull by its horns with their latest social justice campaign. These posters of world leaders kissing  are quite striking. Maybe not for the homoerotics so much as the shock of seeing people often at war, in such intimate poses. And indeed, the message of the ads, apart from ‘buy our jumpers’! is UNHATE.

Mark Simpson has alerted us to the fact that men’s ‘desire to be desired’ these days often extends to each other, so in one sense the pictures are just depicting social change. It is not just university students who are ‘metrosmooching’.


I found the image of the Pope and an Egyptian leader the most arresting, partly due to the apparent passion of their embrace, with the Egyptian’s hand holding the Pope by his neck. But also because their religions both remain resolutely against ‘homosexuality’ on paper, at least.

Whereas seeing metrosexual Obama in a clinch with another man just seems normal. Simpson has of course told us clearly how the ‘Obama Model’ is the template for contemporary metrosexual politicians.


There is one woman in the mix – Angela Merkel. But she is awkwardly kissing Sarkozy in a photo that could actually be  a real record of a political tryst, and so is less interesting than the others.

There is a video that goes with the ‘UnHate’ campaign, but I found that a little boring. Maybe I have just seen it all before. If companies want to really shock in these uber metrosexy times, they might have to try a bit harder than this.

Update: Thanks to Heseriarch for pointing out the influence of the b and w Brezhnev/Honneker photo I have now included. I don’t know the circumstances of that particular pre-metro smooch I am going to read up on it!

Oh, Here he is with a post of his own:

  1. O’Bummer, just another bu$h-only has a bigger vocabulary and darker skin, otherwise no real difference. Big business as usual, still in two wars…..

  2. elissa says:

    That looks like Hugo Chavez with Obama

    It is all a bit too contrived. And you may be right – we have officially run plumb out of shock value.

    • Gs says:

      We haven’t run out of new ways to shock. Here’s my contribution;

      Prior to meeting Pres. O’bama, Mr. Chavez was, literally, kissing sombody’s butthole as a prelude to kissing Pres. O’bama.

      I wonder if, in all the resources available to a Presidency, time and money is spent for just such an event. The secret service would, rightfully, have a conniption fit at the possibility.

  3. Heresiarch says:

    Very derivative of the old GDR Brezhnev/Honneker poster, I’d have thought.

  4. redpesto says:

    Flash: Benetton have withdrawn the Pope ad.

  5. as far as the ban American Women thing….

    they seem about as “honest” as someone like Clarisse Thorn when talking about masculinity….

    an MRA or a Feminist I shall never be……

  6. HI all

    I removed the MRA comment because after I got it my blog got closed down for violating the terms of use! I think it may have been spam that buggered the system (or famous spam that wordpress watch out for)

    Phew! I thought I’d lost us there.

  7. Thomas says:

    Hey QRG,

    the photo was taken in 79. Brezhnev kissed Honecker after he had just finished a speech on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the DDR . In the early 90s an artist painted the motif on the Berlin wall for an open air gallery, the East Side Gallery ( ).

    He was lovesick when he painted the picture, torn between two women. The motif was a symbol for his suffering. He wrote on the wall ‘God help me to survive this deadly love’.,_Berlin,_East_Side_Gallery.jpg&filetimestamp=20110817122659

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