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Posted: November 7, 2011 in Feminism, misandry
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This video is really worth watching! In it, Tom Martin goes to talk to LSE students about whether or not gender studies is biased against men, with some interesting results!

‘Tom Martin began studying a Masters degree at the Gender Institute of The London School of Economics (LSE) in the 2009/10 term but withdrew after only six weeks, complaining the curriculum discriminated against men.

The elite university’s own internal investigation found ‘no evidence of discrimination’, but Tom, unsatisfied with their conclusion, has filed 200 pages of evidence, in a damages claim at the Central London County Court, for ‘sex discrimination, breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of The Gender Equality Duty Act’.

Tom says “as well as teaching practices, sex-discriminatory learning materials were ruled out by the university’s own regulations, yet the core texts we had to read before each class, contained lots of anti-male discrimination and bias heavily focussing on and exaggerating women’s issues, whilst blaming men, and ignoring men’s issues. There was no warning of this sexist agenda in the prospectus.”

The university have filed their defence. The case is likely to be heard over the next two or three months. ‘

I wrote in support of Martin’s case at The Good Men Project a few weeks ago, and the debate is still going…

I will write more on this soon. I wanted to share the video and see what people think.

  1. AOBAG says:

    And these are supposed to be some of the brightest young minds in the country. Yet they’ve managed to accept indoctrination outright and show no ounce of intelligence in questioning it/digging deeper, or even hear the ridiculousness of some of the things they say… these people who will become our future politicians, judges, teachers, lawyers, etc.

    …I do not have a very optimistic outlook on our future.

    • It’s depressing when you look at it that way isn’t it? Critical thinking does not seem to be developed at university on the whole.

      • AOBAG says:

        On a related note, I took another look at Tom’s video tonight and this popped up:

        At least it’s not as bad as that yet, and that’s just the surface of it (anecdotal, but I’ve heard plenty more horror stories from the US)! Although maybe it is getting to that stage. I did walk past a feminist rally on a campus cheering as they cut a gigantic male penis to ‘smash the patriarchy and burn male privilege’ a while ago. No joke.

  2. Henry says:

    He’s quite good.

    I guess this will be part of a long fight. You’d think that quite a lot of what goes on in gender studies courses would come under any clear definition of sex discrimination. From the little I know about what the law is like, legal cases can backfire, leading to odd precedents and interpretations

    In the media, and on laces like Twitter and the “Blogosphere”, the challenge is all the people painting his task as ridiculous – the usual crowd. It will take a few of us shouting before people start to take notice, but this is now beginning to happen a bit more

    It’s a good video in another way, it documents the mindless aggressive attitude that men get when they question feminism, the constant insinuations that you are “on your own” or can’t get a girlfriend (as great an intellect as Laurie Penny regurgitated that one quite recently!)

    Good luck to him.

    (would be nice if chaps could work together a bit like the ladies have – without being crazy)

    • ‘It’s a good video in another way, it documents the mindless aggressive attitude that men get when they question feminism, the constant insinuations that you are “on your own” or can’t get a girlfriend (as great an intellect as Laurie Penny regurgitated that one quite recently!)’

      yes I liked that aspect too. I wish men would work together a bit more too. I find myself sticking up for them when many won’t stick up for themselves!

  3. Jonathan says:

    I didn’t think he was good at all. Or his video. But the issues he’s trying to raise are worthwhile. It’ll be interesting to see how he gets on in court.

    • Jonathan says:

      To expand on “Or his video” a bit:

      Anyone can point cameras at people and make them look stupid. Especially when you’re controlling the questions and immediately telling them they’re wrong. And then editing it down selectively. And inserting captions over the top. And…

      No, it doesn’t wash. State your argument properly and then we’ll see whether it stands up.

      The only bit of the video that interested me was the long list of instances (in the middle) where men are prejudiced against. I went through this on stop frame. He makes some good points – and some not so good – but either way I’d like to see more detail. He gives them all reference numbers, so are they on his website anywhere? (I can’t find them.)

  4. titfortat says:

    I understand and respect where he is coming from but I do think he missed out on a few things. I own the traits so it was easy to see. He is obviously very passionate about his idea’s but he needs to smile a little bit more to help himself be seen as more approachable and therefore listenable. Also, he raises his hand too often when in disagreement and this could easily be seen as aggression rather than him trying to assert his point. I agree about his editing being biased. It was a very interesting video though. Thanks for the link.

  5. Hi all I will pass your comments onto Tom. I liked the video and thought he was brave doing it.

  6. Dave says:

    I thought the video was spectacular.

    Tom’s only failing was to point out that those he’s interviewing, whilst ignorant, aren’t necessarily the guilty ones.

    They’re young and innocent people paying for a useless and fundamentally flawed degree, only been given half the story and are being indoctrinated and poisoned instead of educated. If anything they’re even bigger victims than Tom is as at least he knows the truth.

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