Foucault’s Daughter and Zizek Press

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Foucault’s Daughter was lucky enough to find a home at the wonderful, surreal and challenging house of Zizek Press, a while ago now. And she is settling in just fine.

Slavoj Zizek is a Slovenian philosopher and critical theorist, maybe one of the last remaining examples of that rare and ancient species.

Zizek Press though, is very much of the here and now. Perhaps the only old-fashioned thing about it is its commitment to original experimental fiction and its ethos of celebrating intellect, playfulness and the bizarre.

Who is Zizek?

Zixek press is a collective of fiction writers, joined by a blog and a certain esprit de corps. Marc Horne, Stavrogin, Moxie Mezcal, Django and Zasulich and Quiet Riot Girl make up the batallion. What do we have in common? How do Marc Horne’s supernatural supernova sci-fi novels fit alongside Moxie Mezcal’s tight fit thrillers and Stavrogin’s tales of debauchery and decline? Well I don’t know except there seems to be an understanding amongst the writers that anything goes, that the imagination is something to be stretched and bent, and that words matter.

Automatic Assassin

What is Zizek?

Apart from novels and short fiction, the Zizek team compose an array of startling and sometimes quite aggressive essays on the Zizek Blog. The thing I liked about the blog the most, before I was taken into the fold, was how sharp the writers are about current popular culture in the internet age. And how they appreciate it but also try and create something else alongside or amongst all the tumblrs and reality TV shows and Star Wars repeats. Something unusual and well-written. When I step up to the plate at Zizek HQ I feel like I have something to aspire to, and that’s good for a writer.

How is Zizek?
Zizek, like Slovenia, doesn’t have much money. The authors promote their books on the website, and by some more creative means, but they sell their books separately as individuals. So if I came to raid the Zizek coffers for posh lunches on expenses I’d have been sorely disappointed. Some of the books are even free! It’s insane! I have made Foucault’s Daughter free, mainly because I don’t own the copyright and I don’t want to get in trouble. It is a comment in itself on the tumblr generation that my novella which I believe to be original and experimental, is also not mine. ‘Death of The Author’ means the texts used in the book belong to a range of writers, both alive and dead, and I like it like that. I expect Slavoj would too.

Where is Zizek?
LA, Hong Kong, London, America, elsewhere, on the internet, in your head.

Why is Zizek?
I don’t know. But it feels right.

If you want to read more about Zizek and even buy our books (or just read them for free) go here NOW:

  1. elissa says:

    Never got a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your wonderful novella.

    Thank you

  2. Gs says:


    I have a conundrum of which maybe you could enlighten me. Regarding the small presses and websites, I enjoy some of the ‘not so good’ ones, yet some of the ‘better’ ones leave me unsatisfied. Sort of like that saying about Chinese food being good but not very filling.

    Zizek brought about the same reaction. Really interesting and good, a ‘better’ one, but I don’t think I’d subscribe to it for very long. What do you think?

    Of course, in spite of this slight dis-enjoyment, it goes without saying that your writing I find both good and satisfying, otherwise I wouldn’t be a long term subscriber. Once again, congratulations.

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