More Metro-Psychos

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Masculinities, Metrosexual Murderers
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There is an interesting – and epic – essay by Elise Moore about representations of men as psychopaths in the movies over at her blog, The Autobiography of  A Soul.

Elise tracks the development of the psycho trope from the 1940s, to the famous film, Psycho and up to the present day.

M Simpson has slowly and a little bit subtly (I hope he writes something more substantial on it) over the last few years, written about how metrosexual masculinity is becoming somehow ‘psychopathic’ in itself. At least in its imagery and representations.

Anders Breivik has been identified by Simpson as a real life ‘metro psycho’ but the Norwegian spree killer was not short of fictional models on which to base himself.  Patrick Bateman, mentioned in Elise’s post, but previously  identified by Simpson, in various places, as an important metrosexual murderer, is probably the most influential metro psycho in popular culture.  I haven’t even read or seen American Psycho but I feel I know that empty-hearted well dressed killer intimately. As does this young pornographer, The Black Spark:

In turn, Bateman must have been influenced somehow by Travis Bickle, but rather than doffing his cap to him, he and all the other metro psychos I see around me, seem to have appropriated him, ‘subsumed him into their steaze’. They destroy and devour previous incarnations of masculinity. There is nothing left but tits and abs.

I may write more in response to Elise’s post, but for now, I think I want to establish Who’s The Daddy of contemporary representations of masculinity, and masculine psychopathology. It’s Bateman. Or Simpson. Have you ever seen them both together in the same room? No, nor me.

  1. My favorite psycho is Heath Ledger as the Joker in Batman–he’s not pretty so I guess that doesn’t make him metrosexual but he cross dresses as a nurse at on point in the movie.

    He seems to be a new archetype…. An experiment in chaos and disorder….

  2. Oh, and American Psycho-found that to be a tough read….

    there are sections that would be pages long where he’d describe a boring 80’s album almost as if a really bad review from Rolling Stone. I think the author was trying to show that sociopath’s lived in emotionally empty worlds and got caught up obsessively in uninteresting details… by the end of the book, it’s left open for readers to decide if the murders happened or it was just the daydreams of an unimportant narcissist with no courage to live an interesting life. Also the movie ends differently with Bateman’s secretary finding his scrapbook of murder fantasies and breaking into tears with the same suggestion that this is just really in his mind…..

  3. elissa says:

    I would like to submit, for consideration, to the guru(s) of metrosexuality, for further evidence of corporate self-love, the burgeoning and sterile self-help industry aimed at reimaging men to a kinder and fluffier version of existence.

    I’ve not taken much notice in the past, till more recently, spending time perusing the Good Men Project site and noting all the helpers that contribute to the new corporation.

    By the way – if you note one of the links at the bottom of your recent piece on GMP, you will be lead to a blog of a young woman whose mind you have stirred….

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