Broken Record

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Blogging, Freud

Someone called me a ‘broken record’ today. And I think they were right.

But I will keep repeating myself over and over, and singing this discordant song, and breaking myself over the turntable of your prejudice and willful ignorance, until I get my message across. Or give up. Or die. Whichever happens first.

So here are two of my favourite scratchy tunes from my most respected recording artistes, in the field of sexuality:

Mark Simpson on ‘The Private Lives of Dr Sex’ – a beautiful and rigorous defence of Kinsey and his refusal to be put into a box, or to put others into fixed categories.

Sigmund Freud’s Three Essays on The Theory of Sexuality – a lesson in accepting how we are all a  combination of drives, impulses and indeed ‘neuroses’:

Tell me when I have finished spinning and I will wind myself up and start all over again…

  1. paul says:

    Right on. It’s the way we think about gender and sexuality that is broken, stuck in the tiredest, shabbiest, most uninspiring of grooves. Hang that DJ! I wanna hear some music.

  2. paul says:

    Can’t take credit for that QRG–before I discovered Mark’s blog even. But thanks for pointing me to the post, which looks good! I will read it a bit later today.

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