Beautiful – In Defence of Shane Warne’s Metrosexual ‘Male Beauty’

Posted: September 5, 2011 in androgyny, Masculinities
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News just in:

‘Liz Hurley has revealed that her boyfriend Shane Warne uses women’s beauty products.  In an interview with Easy Living magazine, Hurley said that the newly metrosexual Warne doesn’t just borrow her beauty products anymore – he has his own.

“He has his own set now. He uses the girls’ ones – they’re much better, as I’m sure you know.” She added: “Every guy I’ve ever known has used my beauty products and continued to do so.”‘

I think Shane Warne and Liz Hurley’s metrosexual love of men’s beauty is… beautiful.

Shane has been ridiculed by the press for becoming a ‘girly man’ and starting to really care about his appearance. But even those defending him such as Bryony Gordon and Mark Simpson have felt the need to let us know they think he looks ‘weird’, and ‘his look is not really working for me’. You know, they support his coming out as metro, but they want us to know they don’t fancy him or actually find him attractive.

I said in a discussion of Andrej Pejic, who also gets slammed for wanting to be ‘beautiful’ that the problem is men cannot embrace ‘beauty’ as women can:
‘In my piece on this Pejic article, the thing I picked up on was how reluctant people are to use the word ‘beautiful’ in relation to him. They prefer ‘pretty’ which suggests as the New Yorker says, a ‘pretty boy’.

The journalist said if Pejic was a woman he’d be ‘the most beautiful woman’ she (I think it was a woman journo) had ever seen. She could not write: ‘He is the most BEAUTIFUL MAN I have ever seen’.

As Mark has written about, the utterly hysterical anxiety in the ‘male grooming’ industry around the concept of ‘male beauty’ is just crazy.

Sontag was right – all truly beautiful things are a combination of masculine and feminine. If men admit to seeking ‘beauty’ they admit to seeking the ‘feminine’. And what man would actually seek out the feminine? Except to contrast with his own masculinity?

So we are stuck with manly ‘male grooming’ and buff boys and ‘masculine men’. There is a whole industry behind the denial of men’s beauty. I don’t know how it is going to change.’

But I think Shane is beautiful. Because like Pejic, he is being himself regardless of what others think. And Liz is beautiful in her support of that.

We are beautiful, in every single way. Words won’t bring us down….

  1. I’ve made a point, for a long time, of naming beauty when I see it. And usually, being a straight (somewhat submissive) woman, I see it in very masculine men. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we shouldn’t have to edit language just because men can’t handle being called “beautiful”. People are beautiful.

  2. redpesto says:

    If Pejic gets described as ‘pretty’ (as in ‘pretty boy’), then the standard term for Warne would be ‘handsome’ (especially for an older man). In the past, he’d owe it a to a splash of Old Spice; now he owes it to Olay. But yes, he does look better now when he was doing stuff like this on a cricket pitch.

    • Haha nice move.
      But in that video Shane still looks metro to me. He dyes his hair and seems to care about his image. I think it is partly due to losing weight and partly due to dating a famous ‘sex symbol’ that he has had some envious stick from the press.

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