Something In The Way

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Desire

‘It’s ok to eat fish, ’cause they don’t have any feelings’…


I am currently reading and digesting another epic blogpost by the inimitable Elise Moore, at Autobiography Of A Soul. Her writing always sets me off at a tangent of thoughts and this post, looking at The Angry Woman is no exception.

Her discussion of Courtney Love as Angry Woman par excellence mentions Kurt Cobain in passing. But I identify with Kurt much more than Courtney, whose monstrous feminine, though impressively trashily grotesque, just isn’t me.

Now I am not coming out here as a depressive heroin-chic nihilistic, passive (passive aggressive?) male cardigan-wearing grunge singer.

But I am/was/have been a Nirvana fan. And I do identify closely with a lot of the mood and the lyrics of Kurt’s songwriting.

Something In The Way really sums up my understanding of what desire is. No romance, no longing even, no sex, just this obstacle. It is mundane, bare, true.

I have personal stories to tell in relation to Nirvana, and to Something In The Way, the track. But I don’t think they can illuminate its meanings. That’s what good pop songs do isn’t it? They say it all for us.

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