London Metrosexual Police Force

Posted: August 8, 2011 in metrosexuality, Sporno

I think this is a good photograph for a number of reasons. It captures the violence, uncertainty and alienation of our city streets right now.

But being who I am, I could not help noticing how the young police officer is in a very typically metrosexual pose, his body facing one way, his face turning the other to look back at the camera.

  1. billsnshits says:

    I’d say the studied pose of his hands is also on his mind.
    Call me petty but I liked the promised black and white cover even better.

    Are londoners alienated? Or are the papers trying to sell themselves by convincing of alienation? This is all pretty normal to my mind. I think your reaction is far more normal than someone who is gasping and clutching their pearls right now. I just hope everyone’s hair stays the right way when they get their own riot.

  2. billsnshits says:

    There should be people fucking in the street. And murder aplenty, to get my eyebrow raised.

    I’d like to see the coppers join in with the rioters, trying on all manner of designer chic. Imagine some impoverished ghoul faced sweetie, considered to be part of londonistan by all right thinking morons, lecturing a cop about how we must exercise restraint even against opportunity (in a thick accent) and then the two of them going off to the pub, having both lifted some leather shoes. And maybe an ereader or two to start a new love affair with the printed word…after a pint.

    How fast, were it on camera, would the visionless “leftist” rabble stupidly condemn the police of hypocrisy, joining the fascist right who would say that such a free wheeling cop brings shame to proper ultra conformist repression and disdain for love and life that “good coppers” ought to feel every time they ejaculate?

    What a drab coverage are to be found on bbc and in the guardian. mealy mouthed and objective. I dare not look at the other papers, who likely salivate with boring dreams of ever more security cameras, really in the vain hopes of being admired in all their boringness by the cam watch officers.

    The proof that england has a better education system than the states is that all of london enjoys a poke. While the LA riots were sequestered by the poor themselves, too ignorant to leave their miserable ghetto in search of finer shop.

    But that would not be a set of happy thoughts. So I won’t have them.

  3. Gs says:

    I hate too dig where no man has dug before, but like most people of ‘the observed’ he really is merely being attentive to his job. Maybe the photographer is a little too close for comfort. After all this is not a staged model shoot.

    As ‘observers’ we jump to conclusions then often justify them as subjective; Opinions which don’t need quantitative evidence. Subjectiveness is a great tool for understanding but that don’t mean it can’t be misguided.

    I mean I can see QRG’s point but it seems to miss another subjective truth. He might say, for example; ” What am I supposed to do!!!!! I want to be a police officer, I passed the tests, they issue me these uniforms, I wear them as assigned, etc. and all I get is judgements that I’m posing, . . . of all things!”

    Sometimes there’s no respite for the observed from observers.

    • I know what you mean GS. The comment was more of the photographer/picture editor’s choice. I don’t know if he actually ‘posed’. but it LOOKS like a metrosexual sporno pose.

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