Boxing Pretty

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Masculinities, metrosexuality, Metrosexy

Amir Khan is the latest sports star to join the Sporno ranks. (The photo is dark, sorry!)

Sporno is a very important aspect of ‘macho metrosexuality’ which I am beginning to examine.

Here, I think Amir makes up for that fact that he looks so pretty, and so ‘passive’ (we are used to seeing him in actual action fight scenes) by carrying his belt signifying the titles he has won in the ring. A phallic symbol of masculine, physical sporting prowess.  He also shows his slightly hairy chest, another sign of ‘manliness’ being asserted by a big-titted boy.  And, he seems to have a scar on his chest, a battle-wound. A symbol of endurance. He isn’t flexing his muscles though, or making a fist in this shot, as boxers tend to do in still poses. He is very much the lifeless object of the gaze.

In this ad, Khan does have his fists up, but he doesn’t look as if he is about to punch someone. He looks more like a boyband singer, holding his fists to his heart to display his emotion, or even someone’s bitch, waiting for the handcuffs to go on (or is that just my kinky imagination running riot)…

But then, when he is in the ring, triumphant at winning a title fight, wearing his belt and flexing his muscles, I think Amir actually looks even more pretty and certainly more camp than when he is modelling for Prada. That, my friends is the macho-metro paradox in action!

  1. Tim says:

    Holy crap.

    How did you manage to get published at the GMP ?

    • I was on twitter and someone from GMP was asking someone else for a response to an article and I offered to write it instead. To be honest I had pitched to them before and got rejected. But this was a different member of staff!

  2. Elliott Deline says:

    Yes, I’m definitely indifferent to the first pic and swooning over the second.

    • It is definitely more colourful the second one. Sporno can be very bland sometimes. A mediated masculinity that ends up being kind of nothing at all.

      • I think it is another difference between me and mark S – he seems to like some of the mainstream sporno. But then I find it alluring but in a kind of depressing way. And I expect he has more ambivalence than is obvious, from his work which is basically trying to show you how much the men models (and photographers) themselves, enjoy the whole shebang.

  3. I should just have my conversations with Simpson’s work, here. Even if he nor anyone else reads!

    I find it a dilemma how much I want to spread his concepts and bring them to lffe for people but feel like I cant have a critical viewpoint without being seen to be ‘attacking’ him and his theories.

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