Macho Hags

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

‘I am the Sontag of the 90s’ -Camille Paglia. translation: Suck My Dick, Sontag!

This could get long so I will keep it short. Why are the Great Intellectuals of our culture always, without exception, MEN? (or Butch dykes: Step up Paglia, Butler, Sontag, Greer, (if you must. I don’t think she’s that Great), Klein (I know nothing of her sexuality but she feels masculine to me), er…QRG? And maybe my new partner in Lesbiographic crime, Elise Moore?)

This is Elise’s latest post about the Great Men of History

But we don’t want to just replace the macho fags with macho hags do we?

  1. I don’t see any problem with the sexuality/gender presentation of these women with great minds. They could be purple with polka dots, for all I care, as long as we have them, and then more of them.

    • well I don’t know if you are purple with polka dots Caroline, but you do have a great, poetic mind.

      Though one thing I tend to appreciate about most poets is that they don’t make a big song and dance about their intellectual capabilities. They have better things to do with their minds.

  2. Can you imagine Camille Paglia writing a poem?

  3. Why, thank you. I think I most admire those who have that rare kind of intelligence that is so clearly present that they don’t need to shove it in your face.

    • Elise says:

      It’s rare indeed. (Hi Caroline from Twitter! Reminds me I need to check out your blog.) My best friend is like that. And her IQ’s something like 20 points higher than mine, at a rough estimate. (Making her Einstein-level. They checked her at the psych ward once. They wanted to make sure she wasn’t retarded.)

  4. I would actually love to see a Paglia poem.

  5. Elise says:

    I protest, I’m not a butch dyke. I’m a Lipstick Lesbian at best. Without the lesbian part. I’d say life would be easier if I were a lesbian, but from what I’ve observed, it ain’t so. I’ve often thought it would be easier if I were a gay man, but they tell me otherwise.

  6. elissa says:

    Life gets much easier when you’re dead Elise. And you’ll have an eternity dose when it comes.

    Paglia is quite the butch to be sure. She published a poetry book a few years back: best 43 poems ever is her claim. Only a real butch would have the pagliacci’s to say such a thing.

  7. elissa says:

    Ha…I think you’re heart/mind would rather say fiction, but I do appreciate the grace and compromise lateral towards comedy. There is enough truth in comedy to keep me happy.

    Calling Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson the ‘self-ruling hermaphrodites who cannot mate’ – that’s comedy…

  8. Helen says:

    I’m dying of laughter here at the thought that Elise is a butch dyke…. *snorfle snort lollers*

    • Elise is Paglia, I’m Sontag. Can’t say fairer than that.

      • Elise says:

        WTF Helen!? Are you saying I’m some kinda cream puff? (lol)

      • Elise says:

        Also, I want to be both Paglia and Sontag. I don’t share well.

      • Helen says:

        I do think there is a grain of truth though in the idea that intellectualism is masculine. I was talking to someone the other day about the somewhat poisonous English department we studied in. The departmental head is now female and she scares me. It’s almost a Margaret Thatcher thing, I think. More male than the men, trying to hold her head up in what she sees as a male world.

        The irony of course is that undergrads get taught gender linguistics, all the fluff about how “female language” is nurturing, gentle, encouraging etc, but the women who work in the department are all thrusting, dominating, butching types. The word “nurturing” is really not a word you would attach to my former English department.

        Which begs the question: does intellectualism/academia attract those types of women? Are those types of women naturally more able in that kind of masculine environment? Or do they assume a masculine persona in order to succeed? Could they have succeeded if they weren’t butch? (either by being butch naturally or playing butch?)

        • fascinating points Helen. I have a LOT to say on that I will do a post on it!

          are you Helen highwater by the way? Hi!

        • Elise says:

          Those are good points. I’ve seen some of these women in academe, but I’ve also seen sweet dithering types. And I remember one who was tough-minded but stylish who reminded me of a prettier Paglia. I once sort of hit on her at an English department party although she was in her 50s. That was embarrassing!

  9. billsnshits says:

    I don’t know how plausible it is to speak of any particular academic as “essentially” butch in her/his character. It’s a position where the most secure are the biggest pushers: pushy to students and to all the lesser employees who have zero job security and who literally depend on those professors’ desire to renew their crappy secretarial/IT support contracts. When the janitorial staff or security comes in, or higher administration, that is, people over whom the tenured professors have absolutely no authority, they instantly turn to cooperative and passive “pansies”. I don’t think the tough women you’ve observed in the classroom or at a staff meeting, have ever sent back soup at a restaurant or told someone not to cut in line at a movie, let alone get into a scuffle with a stranger.

    The least intellectual, even anti intellectual ideologues, are the biggest machistas in uni(male or female). They just like to repeat the same thing, over and over. No patience to think for one moment.
    One thing about having big pagliaccis is they take too much blood from the brain. So, there are two paglias, two sontags. When they get into showbiz mode, it’s pretty clear that the brains get to take a nap until a commercial. Although their jabs and flirty eyebrows are no less entertaining for it.
    That some people think further and twist concepts more than others…well you may an idea. But I’ve lost my conclusions on why that is.

    There are also professors (and god’s sake let’s not call them intellectuals. even if it feels normal, if you think about it, you’ll see you’ve never met an intellectual professor, only a specialist scribbler) who are equally anti intellectual yet as ladylike as it gets, regardless of the number of X chromosomes: mushy, sweet, caring, apologetic. It’s just not fun to remember them.

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