The Other Scarlett

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Desire

someone said everything was getting too ‘male/metrosexual’ round here.

So here is a woman, an object of desire of mine.

Not so much Scarlett on her own, as her character in Lost in Translation.

I loved that film.


  1. billsnshits says:

    Scarlett’s an interesting phenomenon of female object of desire. She’s hired to play the role of the female attraction…far more than she is a female attraction in real (i.e. tabloid) life.
    It’s peculiar b/c it’s often said that a star has to have a controversial real life to bring in the audiences or to be extremely seductive. And yet these days, teh controversial stars are flailing like losers at the box office and the ultra buxom angels are nowhere to be seen in hollywood.
    It’s like a rise of art over life. (not that I’m saying art is now stupendous…but it may be better than life).

    Also, scarlett seems to be a woman’s woman. Ever notice that? I wonder if there isn’t some parallel to metrosexuality…girls’ version. And totally opposite to metros’ makeup/consumerism/workout/flirting.

    Whatever you think of her, she’s less plasticky than mickey. sorrentino. And she has her own plasticky moments, so it doesn’t take an earth-girl to be more natural than the situation.

    What a day is coming! When fans will talk about who is hotter, without classifying by gender. Are olympic mixed sex competitions next?

  2. billsnshits says:

    How cool would that be? Swim heats, wrestling, between men and women, transgendendered and two spirited. No more translations needed.

  3. elflojo84 says:

    “Also, scarlett seems to be a woman’s woman. Ever notice that?”

    True. She’s one of those women who straight women always say is pretty, or name as there “one lady crush” or whatever (Angelina Jolie is another), but relatively few men fancy her.

    For my money, she has a steaming body but forgettable face. Not ugly by any stretch, but bland. Having scrolled down so I can’t see the photo at the top, I couldn’t really describe anything of the face to you, any features, shape, even the colour of the eyes (greenish-blue possibly?)

    In short, she ain’t Rihanna!

    Or Shakira.

    Or Penelope Cruz.

    Or even Elisha Cuthbert, if I must stick with white blondes for fair comparison.

  4. I only really like her in this film. Maybe Girl with a pearl earring too. But mainly this film

  5. billsnshits says:

    SexJ has big boobs but she doesn’t show them at all. Except hand styled from the side.
    They probably aren’t “perfect” so her market value would go down if we were allowed to look into the horse’s mouth.

    Women would reject her too. Don’t forget, there’s penis cream but there’s also breast cream. Some of it to smooth the skin, some of it to increase the size. And I don’t think it’s just for dumb boyfriends to rub on their girl while she’s sleeping, “come on babies, grow, grooooow!!”
    “huh, wha- did you say something john?” “NO! Ah! you woke me up, go back to sleep, baby, I mean honey, I mean darling, I mean my dear”. “hrghl, erm, shffffff, zzzzzz”. (whispering) “grow babies, grow”

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