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Posted: June 25, 2011 in cock, homosexuality, Mark Simpson, Metrosexy, Porn
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One reason I don’t get as wound up about the ‘lack’ of decent pornography that features men’s bodies, as some, is that I find plenty of very hot images in realms that are not officially classed as ‘porn’. AND they are free or cheaper than the vast majority of porn.

How many M/M/m S and M porn scenes have you seen that contain as much tension, power dynamics, violence and beautiful bodies as this photo from a MMA fight for example?

None? Thought not.

I found the photo on this article by Kevin Arnold on Guyism. The article is not very good but the picture is just fine!


And I found the erotic charge of MMA, via, of course, the Daddy of pornography that is not categorised as ‘porn’- Mark Simpson. He asked, ‘How Gay is MMA?’ and the answer of course, is very.


  1. marc2020 says:

    Fun fact did you know theres only one openly gay MMA fighter at the moment his name’s Shad Smith he’s a street fighter and he’s almost imposible to knock over.

  2. No I didn’t but that does not surprise me. If he is openly gay then he will be one step ahead of the others, who are just ‘gay’!

  3. elflojo84 says:

    There is no sport on Earth more homoerotic than no-gi (which basically means in only hotpants…) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Look it up some time….

  4. Papi50 says:

    I’ve been following your remarks here with interest. You might recommend to your friend that she try pictures of hyper-muscled men AND women. There are a dozen or so bodybuilding mags in the US and UK that feature 600 pages each of naked, hairless, lean and oiled men. These are mostly consumed by other men. Like me! In the bodybuilding world, it is the men who have the most attractive, interesting, and beautiful bodies. In a figure/bikini competition, women just walk around the stage, trying to act like runway models. In bodybuilding, each competitor gets a posing routine. There’s music and everything!


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