Man Down

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Rihanna

The new single and video from Rihanna, Man Down, has caused the usual shitstorm, especially in the feminist blogosphere.

I am just letting the music and images sink in, at the moment. Here it is. Make your own minds up!

Man Down.

  1. Tim says:

    This Video contains content from UMG.
    It is not available in your country.

    Okay, not a problem, lets route this through sweden…

    Ah okay. I have seen the video. Not my particular type of music, but oh well.
    So she sings about shooting a man with her .22 gun and that she now feels somewhat desperate and does not know what to do. Also, the video shows Rihanna leaving a club and being followed and raped, by a man.

    Lets take a look at my feed reader if someone has adressed this by now… Nope !

    Entering “rihanna man down” into… Okay, lyrics, lyrics, youtube, and something in a german gossip page about rihannas reaction to the parents tv council. So, conversatives at it again ?

    Let us try “rihanna man down feminist” next. Ah, I know I picked the right term to search for when the frisky shows up on front page.

    One site says that it might open room for discussion in the rap scene, which glorifies rape. Reasonable, and best of all almost no snark. Although the part on the chris brown comparation is a little off I think. Also, the comment section goes to great length to paint this in a racist, anti-black way.

    Next site, the frisky. Thankfully, the post is short. Comments as usual.

    Now, lets check the usual sites like feministe and shakesville… No posts yet !

    Hmm, thats all I could find.

    tl;dr: I like metal better.

  2. check out all these on Google then Tim. The feminists have gone batshit about it. I just haven’t read any posts yet as I prefer to listen to music on its own terms first:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eb847c1bda400d6d

  3. Tim says:

    You are right, there are a lot of hits.

    But most of them are short teasers with a link to crunkfeministcollective.

    Anyway, see what tomorrow brings.

  4. elflojo84 says:

    I know she is Caribbean, but she’s Americanised herself far too much to get away with Reggae, and it’s pretty bad reggae too. Still an improvement on her normal fare though, on the basis that bad reggae is better than any RnB (you’re not going to get any validation of your Rihanna-love from thisdirection I’m afraid Quiri)

    As fro the feminist controversy, I imagine it boils down to inability to distinguish ‘depicting’ from ‘glorifying’. Irritating

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