Posted: May 24, 2011 in Mark Simpson, Metrosexy, Uncategorized

I just posted I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses, on Metrosexy, the promo-site for Mark Simpson’s forthcoming publication of the same name (Metrosexy, not ‘I wanna be adored’, though that would make a fitting subtitle). It is a Metrosexy Anthem all right.

But, The Stone Roses for me are all about a pub in Moseley Birmingham where I am from (as are some of UB40 and The Beat and Roland Gift from FYC and Toyah Willcox and John Taylor from Duran) and the lock-ins we used to have in 1992/3. It was being on the boat going through the rapids, about to approach the Waterfall that led into the abyss. Like we could still just about tell ourselves, if we got drunk enough, and locked-in long enough, that there were still alternatives to what we knew really was inevitably encroaching, in the bright, buff, scary shiny world outside.

  1. 2020 says:

    God I love this song so much, good call

  2. Maybe it was the music that was inevitably approaching all along…

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