Posted: May 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

My inner voice (and sometimes my outer one) is often crying, ‘It’s not FAIR!’

and I can list all the ways it isn’t. And when I do this discourse and I try to make some impact on how things are, I always feel like I am doing it ‘from the bottom’.

It’s probably where I will always be. Through choice, or circumstance, or destiny, I don’t know.

And I don’t think I ‘top from the bottom’. I sometimes wish I could.

Maybe the most I can say is that I definitely Push Back.

I think that’s all I ever thought I could do. That all I ever had to offer was


  1. Resistance is all most of us have to offer, but what a power it is…

  2. From the bottom up is a wise mode. That’s how foundations get built.

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